Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sharpstown Mall Update 05/26

Here are some exterior shots and the mall directories. Since my phone camera is not good I posted two directory photos to see the whole directory. The directories have not been updated for a very long time as indicated by Macy's and several closed food court restaurants being on the list still. (Update the directory photos have been removed and replaced by a better quality image on a more recent post).

Here are some interior shots from today.


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  2. The mall looks...dead. I thought it was doing okay, albeit with scary-looking teenagers. Even the recruiting offices shut.

    Unfortunately, the cell phone pics are too blurry from the directory. Hopefully someone will get a high-res photo soon. I mean, when I first saw the Six Flags Mall directory, it was kind of blurry...

    But then...

    Also please answer my comment on the recent San Jacinto Mall post...

  3. I will try to get a shot of the directory next time with my other camera that has a higher resolution than my phone. The problem with mall directories is that the reflection off the glass can mess up the photos very easily. The photo of the old JCPenney also fell victim to the reflection. Check out my new post on the San Jacinto Mall and I took care of your last question as well about that mall.