Friday, January 1, 2010

The Original Circuit City in Humble Texas

I am back for the new year faster than I expected with some new material.

The original Circuit City location in Humble Texas is getting a new life as Roberts Carpets and floors. This location was closed a year prior to the company bankruptcy and relocated down the Highway to Deerbrook Mall as a "The City" location. This store was a regular sized location that was opened in the mid 1990's.


  1. Ah memories. I was part of the grand opening crew when the store opened in '94. I have more or less good memories of working there during those days.

  2. Store has a completely new face now. It's nice to finally see at least one empty Circuit city space renovated and refaced.

  3. I now live in southern California (transferred from the old Humble store to a Circuit City outside of L.A.) and a good number of the Circuit City locations around here actually have been refaced and repurposed as something other than a seasonal holiday shop; among them are a TJ Maxx, Golfsmith, Toys R Us, and a Best Buy. I know of only one former Circuit City store in my area that hasn't yet gotten new tenants of any kind.