Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ghosts of retailers past at San Jacinto Mall

Here are two of the three ghost anchors at the San Jacinto Mall. The Montgomery Ward is sealed up and the entire mall wing that Montgomery Ward was on is closed off, so I am unable to get pictures. I have featured Service Merchandise and Mervyn's in my tour. JCPenney, Sears, Marshall's, Palais Royal, and Macy's are still open at the mall. You can call these anchor closings a case of bad luck for this mall. The mall has also gained some new inline tenants since my last visit.

Service Merchandise; this anchor closed with the last round of Houston closings in early 2000. I only visited this store once while it was open during their electronic clearance just before the whole chain folded.

Picture from 2006; the labelscar is not as visible anymore.

Inside photos from 2010

Mervyn's; this store closed with the last round of Houston closings in 2006. This store was one of the smallest Mervyn's that I visited. All of the windows are wide open, so you can see inside of the store from inside and outside of the mall.

The labelscar has been painted over; the first picture is right after the store closed in 2006.

Inside photos from 2010

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