Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 16th Demolition pictures at Greenspoint Mall

There is not much left; they are moving fast with this demolition. As for the old Sears; the labelscars have been painted over just like at the old Montgomery Ward.


  1. Here is an Update of Greenspoint Mall from 2015 , or at least of the remaining anchors. I don't know how long Macy's Greenspoint is going to stay open .The store smelled really bad and there was ALOT of lights burnt out and the store was empty even with a one day sale. The Cellar area is really bad looking. It looked more like a flee market with stuff everywhere. Also large sections of the store the speakers don't work , so parts of the store are dead silent. No doubt the store is massive even with the second floor closed, It is very large. Now on the Dillard's., it seems busy but the store is really bad. A lot of lights no longer work. The store smelled like mold. There is good deals but the store really need to fix the light. They need to be more like Westoaks Clearance center. I don't know how long the anchors are going to stay there. Also there was really bad roof problems at Macy's with buckets collecting leaking water. I am surprised Foley's never updated Greenspoint location. Even the Sharpstown location had the newest fixtures that Foley's had even when Macy's closed it in 2008

    1. We will have to see what happens with this Macy's at the beginning of 2016. Macy's seems to come out with their store closing list in early January every year. It does not surprise me that the stores have a musty smell and leaks. I would be surprised if the stores have roofs that are from the 1990's or earlier. All of the rain that this area has received has caused leaks at some of the nicer malls in the area also. How are the inventory levels at these stores? I noticed when stores are about to be closed that inventory shrinks and parts of the store are empty.

    2. Thanks for the update about Greenspoint Mall. I have not visited the mall since the end of last summer if I remember correctly, but I’m hoping to be able to visit the mall again sometime this summer. We’ll see. The Dillard’s there has been in bad shape for a number of years now. It was musty and smelled like urine during my visit there in 2009. We’ll have to see how long the Macy’s will last. The leaks must be bad if they’re coming through the 2nd floor. Of course, the Pasadena Town Square Macy’s also seems to have some roof/leaking issues so maybe Macy’s is okay with operating stores that way. Sears gets a lot of flak for the state of some of their stores, but sometimes Macy’s can be even worse.

    3. the inventory seems ok but the home looks really bad. very small selection of upscale items