Friday, September 24, 2010

PlazAmericas Update September 2010

Almost all of the new signs are in place; they are a huge improvement over the old Sharpstown logos. It has now been 9 months since the changes began and the mall has gained many new businesses and is rebounding back to life. For a comparison see my article from April of 2009 to see how bad this mall was.



The Houston Trade Center and mall corridor.

Preliminary work is being done to get this site back in business. The first level will be shops and outlets similar to the mercado. The second level will be a high security jewelry center. I am not sure what they are going to do with the basement level though. This photo was taken through the glass.

For now this part of the mall near The Houston Trade Center is quiet; only Thirsty's remains.

Here are some of the new stores inside of the mall coming soon. In the first picture these stores were covered up but now they have removed the plywood, so a new store might be opening soon.

The lights are back on in the former Fingers store. This former furniture store will become a nightclub if the liquor permit is granted.

A peak inside the plastic; this may soon be a nightclub the retro mirrors of the former Fingers will probably remain.

Here are a couple of new stores coming soon; there are two more but I was unable to get good pictures as I was passing by.

Three new restaurants are coming to the mall. One of these restaurants will be near the new Mercado near Burlington.

The work is picking up speed inside of the mall owned Mercado near Burlington. This whole part of the mall is about to come back to life.

The Clarewood Mercado is doing well; nearly all of the shop spaces have been filled inside this former JCPenney.

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