Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wonderland of the Americas San Antonio

Wonderland of the Americas (formerly Crossroads Mall and Wonderland Mall) is a discount mall near loop 410 and I-10 in northwest San Antonio. The anchors are Burlington Coat Factory, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, The Mercado, and Stein Mart. Super Target is attached to the mall, but the store does not have a mall entrance. This mall is undergoing a similar change of focus as the PlazAmericas Mall in Houston is. All of the anchor spots are filled at the Wonderland but the inside is very empty. This is my first visit to this mall, but labelscar has an article from 2007 with more information and history on this mall.

Here are images from the main concourse of the mall. There are not too many stores left inside of the mall, but the mall is very well maintained.

Burlington Coat Factory anchor

Hobby Lobby anchor

The mercado; similar to the mercado at the PlazAmericas mall in Houston the blurry sign says bienvenidos.

JoAnn Fabrics anchor

This is the new addition with a food court that was added in the 1980's.

Here are the anchor entrances to the mall. Super Target is not connected to the mall but the building is attached to the mall. The mall has recently been painted with more vibrant colors; the old colors were turquoise green and grey.


  1. Great pics of this mall. Like you said, this mall is amazingly well maintained and I really do think this is one of prettiest malls in the city. From what I've heard the most/entire first level will be converted to doctors/dentist offices with the retail portion being relocated to the second floor. Makes sense since all your anchor's are on the second floor. They recently relocated "Rainbow" next to the mercado. This mall is just to beautiful to go to waste so I really hope this help's revive the old mall. Personally, I think the food pavilion would be the perfect spot to put a up-scale lounge/bar

  2. Has the best "Art House Theater" in San Antonio. Can't find a indie film anywhere it is likely at the Bijou in this mall. Small intimate , NO CHILDREN , they serve you ... great place. The shops are ok but the theater is tops. It reminds me of a cozy basement bar in France.

    1. Sounds like I will have to check that out on my next visit to the mall.