Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hastings Huntsville Texas

This is a short article about the Hastings chain of music, books, games, and novelties. Hastings according to Wikipedia is a company based in Texas that is in 21 states mostly in smaller communities. This is the only store near Houston that still exists in the city of Huntsville Texas. The store is best described as a blockbuster video, gamestop, spencers, mini barnes and noble all together in one location. This concept is very similar to the Media Play stores that closed a few years ago. Source

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  1. Apparently there's one in Conroe. Also one in College Station, at the corner of Holleman and Texas Avenue, which is about as far away as Hunstville.

    Speaking of College Station, it's kind of my turf (I have a blog,, which I work on) but I'd happy to assist you in anything there. There's the Post Oak Mall which is the only mall but has a surprising amount of vacancy (A&F, Gap, and Steve & Barry's--all gone), a Kmart that closed in 1994 but has vestiges of the past, two old Albertsons, an existing Albertsons, and the last remnants of AppleTree (I recommend checking out Village Foods in Bryan, wow it's a timewarp).