Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PlazAmericas Mall Update Part 1 Cinema, Food Court, and Misc.

Here is part one of the update from PlazAmericas Mall. The new El Mercado will be the entire part two of the PlazAmericas updates.

This store is definitely from the 1980's; don't touch the walls you may get splinters! This store is located next to the upper level of the new Mercado.

Here is another renovated store with a labelscar for Cargo; does anyone know what cargo was?

A sneak peak through the gate of the cinema that I toured the other day; the cinema is still being repaired.

The food court is filling up just about all of the remaining spots. Asian, Carne Asada, Wings, Burgers, are some of the new arrivals that are open or about to open.

Two of the newer stores in the mall; taken after closing time.

A view of the first level of the mall near the cinema entrance.

The old school Victoria's Secret just recently closed.

The mall is taking a tough stance against crime.

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