Wednesday, April 27, 2011

K & B Drugstore Products New Orleans Louisiana

This is from my personal collection of K&B drugstore branded products. K&B was acquired by Rite-Aid in 1998 and the remaining K&B merchandise was sold off at clearance prices. K&B drugs was an integral part of New Orleans retail and one of the most well branded chains that I have shopped at. K&B carried different merchandise in every store to match their customers needs. Some of the strange items that I saw at clearance sales were saw blades, fishing lures and fishing poles (Keep in mind that K&B was a drugstore similar to Eckerds or Walgreens). A few of the former K&B stores still have not been remodeled into the Rite-Aid design, so you can still see the original colors inside of those stores.

Pocket tissues

An advertisement tag

A K&B pen with purple ink

Does anyone still use 35mm film?

Breath freshening capsules were a big deal in the late 1990's

Match book

#2 Pencil for those scantron tests

Take it away in a purple paper bag

Display your processed photos in this book for 4x6 prints

The K&B ice cream blends are still missed

110 Film; a real blast from the past

My family got most if not all of their film developed there; this is from the late 1970's-1980's

Another version of the photo book

A more recent photo holder

These have got to be extremely stale by now

Heavy duty matchbooks

More #2 pencils

The playing cards match the outside box; too much reflection to get a good photo

Want to keep your beers cold; use one of these

A bundle of the lower quality matchbooks

Maps of Baton Rouge and New Orleans with locations of K&B on each map

You can't forget the fact that K&B was a pharmacy

At K&B you could find just about anything that was store branded


  1. Are the K & B ink pens for sale?

  2. I am sorry, but these items are from my personal collection. I have a display of these items at my house and I wanted to show my blog readers how awesome the K and B products were. If I had more than one, I would be happy to sell it to you. Ebay has items from time to time from K and B.

  3. There are currently a few listed items at this link,

  4. can somebody help me figure out what a K & B pharmacy medicine bottle is worth ?

    1. Check Ebay, they have K & B stuff for sale all of the time.