Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wal Mart Navasota Texas

I am not a big fan of posting Wal-Mart stores on my site since they are usually exactly the same from store to store, but this store is super small compared to most modern Wal-Mart stores. This store is not much bigger than a stand-alone Walgreens or CVS location and it still has an electronics section in the middle of the store. This entire store is roughly the size of the supermarket section in a Supercenter location. Most of these small locations have been closed as the Supercenter format took over, but this location and a few others have survived. It is amazing how much Wal-mart has changed in the past twenty years. The interior of the Wal-Mart also has the most updated look.

Looking at the back of the store to the front; there are about 10 small aisles from the front to the back in this part of the store.
This is from side to side of the store; about 20 small aisles are going across the back part of the store. The back of the electronics department sign is at the top right of this picture.
The Pharmacy was updated on the top wall, but these old signs just above the pharmacy window remain intact.


  1. we are getting a new super walmart in 2014

  2. its remodeled from the inside