Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Northwest Mall September 2011 Update

Northwest Mall has not changed much since my last visit, although the former JCPenney anchor is about to see new life as an antiques center. The freeways around the mall are also under construction and will have a major effect on traffic in the area. Once the freeway is completed this area will be easier to access and be a prime location for redevelopment. Will the mall stay or go is the question. The mall has placed banners all over the closed anchors to draw attention to the property. Leave some comments about some ideas for the future of this mall.

We start the inside tour with the former JCPenney wing now named the north wing. This half of the mall is around 50% full and has the most vacancies.

This is the entrance to JCPenney which will soon be re-opened as the Antique Center for the first time in over 10 years.
This covered up storefront was a Kay-Bee Toys and lasted a little more than a year after the JCPenney closed.
This dark hallway is the entrance to the North wing of the mall.
You too can open a business here; this store front gives potential store owners ideas on how to start a business at the mall.
Palais Royal is the only junior anchor store at the mall currently operating.
The food court only has Chik-Fil-A left as a corporate restaurant; the rest are independently owned restaurants.

This is the half of the mall where Macy's was. It has around the same amount of stores operating as when Macy's was still open. Macy's may return to the mall as part of a new redevelopment plan.

The Macy's entrance and corridor.


  1. Actually heres an update because I went there last monday: Chick fil a is now a chick fil a express. It's no longer a full-fledged chick fil a

  2. I noticed that also on my last visit. Chick-Fil-A built the 1st location in the food court in 2000 or 2001 brand new and now they abandoned that spot for a smaller location with only lunch service Monday- Friday. The mall seems to be holding steady though even with all of the nearby construction on 610.

  3. There was a small fire today at the Northwest Mall Palais Royal. It sounds like the fire was near the Palais Royal mall entrance and the fire may have consisted of clothing. I'm not really sure how that could have started, but the mall was evacuated and one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

    Northwest Mall can't really afford to have any setbacks like this especially when you consider that it is the busy holiday shopping season and that Palais Royal is one of Northwest Mall's most prestigious tenants. Hopefully the mall will open again soon (if it has not done so already) and that the Palais Royal will continue to operate normally. Hopefully the disaster won't lead to Palais Royal withdrawing from the mall like what happened with Macy's and Hurricane Ike.

    1. It was arson by a minor and they caught the individual. Of course the comments on these stories are either funny or hateful. None of the articles state if the mall or Palais Royal has reopened. The website for the store does not have any information but lists the store hours as normal.