Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rivercenter Mall San Antonio Texas

This is just a brief article on the mall; a larger update will be in the works for the future. The Rivercenter Mall is located in the heart of San Antonio just a block away from the Alamo and it is connected to the riverwalk. The Rivercenter has a combination of local shops, corporate chains, tourist oriented shops, entertainment venues, and restaurants. The mall is three levels with the majority of shops located on the second and third floors of the mall.
This is the riverwalk entrance to the mall; you can see the stores through the glass.

The former Dillard's still sits idle waiting for the redevelopment to take place.
The food court which was closed for the night on my last visit.
Macy's (Foley's) is the lone anchor left at the mall.
The three story mall has very high ceilings and an open air portion on the riverwalk.
Usually this corridor is bustling, but after hours the mall is a cut-through to the parking garage.

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