Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brazos Mall Update

Brazos Mall has not lived up to the full potential of the area. The mall needs to gain more inline stores near the Dillard's wing because there is not much left. With the exception of the new food court area; the mall has not gained enough new stores to make it a destination. If they can fill the former Service Merchandise anchor with a discount retail outlet such as TJMaxx; the mall will gain more much needed traffic. More stores themed to the tourists that go to the nearby Surfside beach could help to revive the Dillards wing. The population close to the mall is over 100,000, but the Pearland area around 30 minutes to the north has gained many new stores. The Pearland area has grown tremendously over the past five years taking away some of the customers that would normally shop in the Brazos area.
The JCPenney looks to be two stories, but the store is only one story.

Steve and Barry's once a Service Merchandise.
After a light rain; this Service Merchanside labelscar was revealed on the side of the building.
A look through the store to the mall.

It is a shame that this chain did not last; LSU gear for less than $10 is not easy to find.
The food court is illuminated by the stained glass skylight squares.

Dillards with the wood paneled entrance.
The mall corridors were very empty on my last visit.

A former Gadzooks with the neon lights on.


  1. Never saw a Steve & Barry's logo like that. Was it ever used...?

    When a mall has S&B's for an anchor, it's never a good sign and probably meant that the mall was a bit distressed in 2006-2008 or so.

    Interesting that they were in merger talks with Sears Holdings at one time. Would've been kind of cool if Sears Holdings used the cheap rates S&B's was getting to convert some of the locations into Kmart stores (some did occupy old Kmart stores and the like!)

  2. The only two Steve and Barry's logos I saw used were the style in College Station, West Oaks, and several other malls. The stores that opened in the last two years of their existence had a plain uppercase font such as at Deerbrook and Pasadena. Texas was one of the last states to get Steve and Barry's and had the more recent logos. I did not see this store when Steve and Barry's was here so it is possible they had a different style sign like the one I found still on their front door.

    1. It is sad that it didn't last . I remember when they first opened at westoaks. They had a sale where everything was like 7.50 . the line was so long that is extended from the front of the store (which was the entrance facing Westhiemer ) all the way to the mall entrance. It was a big hit the store with all the cheap sportswear and shoes and but didn't last long in Houston.
      were all steve and barry's stores have wood panels or was that a Mervyns' thing.

    2. I enjoyed Steve and Barry's myself as well. I still have at least one shirt that I bought from them and still wear regularly. Steve and Barry's would place the wood panels on the floor similar to what Walmart does in their stores. I was one of the skeptics of their prices though. I did not understand how they could survive with prices so low, and now we know that they could not.

  3. @ Pseudo3D try this google search for logos; I did not see one similar to the sign at this mall. http://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&hl=en&source=hp&biw=1240&bih=715&q=steve+and+barry%27s+logo&gbv=2&oq=steve+and+barry%27s+logo&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=2440l10414l0l10794l35l23l0l7l7l0l715l1330l5-1.1l2l0

  4. Was just doing a search to see if the dillards at brazos mall is closing & came across your blog. I hear we are finally getting a TJMaxx & Home Goods in the space that Sears vacated (I think you may want to do an update on this mall - new owners have come in). Hallelujah! And 'bout time.

    1. I have not heard any info about the Dillard's closing at the mall. Dillard's is one of the few healthy department store retailers but who knows they may try to relocate one day to a more visible location. I may try and do an update later on in the year when the new junior anchor opens. I have some photos of the Sears right after it closed that I can use for the update.