Monday, May 7, 2012

Kmart Lake Charles LA

I am still putting together the massive Cortana Mall article. In the meantime enjoy the Lake Charles Kmart. Don't forget to vote on the poll that closes in a few short weeks.

Here is the Kmart store in Lake Charles Louisiana at the corner of Ryan and Sale Streets. This store most likely had an attached Kmart foods section to the right that has recently been reopened as a gym.

This location was probably built in the 1970's that was updated in the 1990's as a Big Kmart. 
The Big Kmart remodels added this small grocery section to the stores. 

The Garden Center was a little crowded so it was hard to get photos.
Christmas items were being packed up on our visit. 

Sears has left their mark in this section of the store with the Craftsman signs. This store also had Sears appliances towards the back corner for a short time after the companies merged. 
Layaway is located at the back corner of the store, and would probably be more successful closer to the front of the store. 

The electronics department. In 1998 I purchased a Nintendo NES Game Genie brand new in a Louisiana Kmart electronics department 3 years after the NES system and Game Genie was discontinued. Kmart over the years failed to change with the times, and my story is just one example. 

Bikes, shoes, and sporting goods. 
Men's clothing.
A closeup of the oversized air vents that are all over traditional Kmart stores. 
More clothing departments looking towards the front of the store. 
A view of the checkout area.
Looking across the store from the clothing departments. 
Two more shots of the front checkout area.
Thank you for shopping Big Kmart (what happened to the word at?)


  1. Great post! I'm a sucker for old Kmart stuff. Please don't ask me why - I hated the store as a kid and I don't/won't shop there as an adult. Not that it matters since most of them are now closed.

    I think it's because it makes me feel like I'm in a late '80s/early '90s time warp when I step in there...which is always fun :) This store looks very similar to the Kmart that closed a few weeks ago by my house -- messy garden center and all!

    Also wanted to let you know that I added your site to my blogroll :)

    1. Thanks for the add to your blogroll. Kmart has been getting a lot of love these days from us bloggers. They usually have a few things on sale that I pick up each time I go visit one. It has been almost ten years since they pulled out of my citu and I am hopeful that one day Sears can get things back in order and bring Kmart back to southeast Texas.

  2. This is a very nice post, but I am certain this is not a 1990s built Kmart store. The stores looks like it was very dead as evident from the first photo.This and a lot of other Kmart stores need to replace the BIG Kmart signage with some modern Kmart signage.

  3. Oops I need to proofread these articles a little better :) thanks for the feedback. You are correct that this store is older, it was more than likely built in the 1970's and was updated to the 1990's Big Kmart style. So far all of the Kmart stores in Louisiana that I recently visited still have the Big K sign, Metairie Veterans, Metairie Clearview, Belle Chase Hwy, Mandeville, Bossier City, New Iberia, Lake Charles, and Gonzales.

  4. I also forgot to mention this great article from a different Kmart store in Georgia that was closing. Check it out, this is the most detailed article online about what all happens when a Kmart store closes down.

  5. great post, looks like a very typical (and aging) Big-K store

  6. There actually was a food center on the end of the store by the new gym (which used to be a craft store called the Old America Store). I beloved the end of the store where the "thank you for shopping....." signage is used to be a little ceasars.

  7. The K-mart actually did have a food section at one time where the "thank you for shopping"(I believe it was little ceasars) was and the new gym next door used to be an old arts and crafts store called the Old America Store that had been out of business for years, it was used as a temporary state farm insurance agency at one time before the building just sat vacant, then p fitness finally opened.

  8. The gym actually used to be an old crafts store called the Old America Store, and the food section in k-mart used to be to the right of the check out area when entering the store. I believe that's where the baby clothes are now (I don't go in Kmart on a regular basis so I'm not completely sure). The food section, I believe used to be a little ceasars. The garden section was never all that great.

  9. Believe it or not, I actually like those oversized air vent. I always was interested in the design of them.

  10. So much has changed by now . . .

  11. Well, KMart is still THERE . . . but talking about layout and stores next to it, etc.