Saturday, July 7, 2012

K & B/ Rite-Aid Lake Charles LA

This former K and B location is located off of McNeese and Ryan St in Lake Charles Louisiana. The first five photos in show the detail of this former K and B location that has hardly changed since becoming a Rite-Aid. For some more K and B original photos click here for my article on the Inglewood Mall.
The inside of this location has not changed much after becoming Rite-Aid and still features many fixtures with the K and B purple The next two photos of the pharmacy show the detail of the K and B pharmacy.

This photo came out fuzzy but you can see the K and B purple lining above the shelves. 
All of the next five photos were submitted by Joel Staves. The K and B logo is still intact on the back door of the above location. He also had this information about all of the former Lake Charles K and B locations.
"There was one on 5th Avenue that moved to Highway 14 by the Kroger that shut down last year. The 5th Avenue location also shut down and is now a Salvation army thrift store. There was also another one on Ryan St. which relocated across the street to a new building as a Rite-Aid. There was also one on W. McNeese St and in Prien Lake Mall." Thank you Joel for the photos and information on the Lake area stores.

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