Saturday, October 27, 2012

Circuit City Then and now 2012 Almeda (Updated)

Updated Oct 2012; see new photos below.

January of 2009 during the going out of business sale; sorry for the poor image quality. This Circuit City opened in the mid 2000's to replace the older location less than a quarter mile away. A new Walmart opened here and many stores moved from behind Almeda Mall to the Walmart center. 
As you can see in 2010 the area behind Almeda Mall was struggling. The Circuit City building in this photo was reopened as a clothing store in 2011. 
As you can see the newer Circuit City location was waiting for redevelopment in Sept 2012. The surrounding shopping center area is full with the exception of this building. Several new stores have moved into the shopping center including Staples, Ross, and Anna's Linens, but they have built their locations instead of using this building. 

Update Oct 2012 now under renovation. The wall has been pulled off of the far side of the building and around 30 more feet are going to be added to the building. I did not see any signs indicating what store is going in. 
Circuit City Labelscar.
Here you can clearly see how much space is being added for the new store.
This is the older Circuit City location that has reopened as a Sonia clothing store. 
Coming soon; new malls that have not been featured yet on this blog. 

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