Friday, March 15, 2013

Goodbye Sears Woodlands a 3 part special.

Here is the Sears at the Woodlands Mall in the Woodlands Texas before the store closing sale. Sears sold several locations to General Growth properties in early 2012 to raise cash. This is one of the premier malls in the Houston area which will replace the Sears with Nordstrom in 2014. This Sears store closed on February 03, 2013. This is a three part special that will show the before, during, and last day of the closing sale of this store.

As you can tell from the above photos of the first floor, this Sears store was an ordinary Sears that was built in the mid 1990's. All of the clothing was located on the second floor of this location which is different from most Sears stores I have visited. I have several photos coming up the next two parts of this special, and several more articles on the way.

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