Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pierremont Mall Shreveport La. 2013

The Pierremont Mall is located at 4801 Line Drive about 2 miles Southeast of Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport La. This 67,000 square foot mall opened in 1964 and features local shops and Stein Mart as the anchor. The mix of stores works well in this mall and the mall continues to do well while many smaller malls have closed over the years. The nearby Mall St. Vincent at 570,000 square feet is more than 8 times the size of this mall. The mall was recently renovated but still has a retro style and many retro storefronts. 

Here is the West entrance to the mall. Stein Mart is on the left of this entrance. 
The mall entrance to Stein Mart as it appears near the West mall entrance.
A look down the main corridor of the mall from the Stein Mart entrance. 
The West entrance of the mall looking from the entrance to Stein Mart. 
Another shot near the entrance to Stein Mart looking at the North mall entrance.
The mall entrance to Stein Mart.
A view of about 1/3 of the main mall corridor looking at the North mall entrance.
Looking from the North entrance to Stein Mart. 
The mall directory which is posted at the West entrance to the mall. 
The street sign 
As you can see the whole mall is very small. 
The Northside of the mall


  1. I remember checking this place out sometime between about 1999 and 2004 and it was very 70's then. There was a little local coffee shop in there and I got an iced mocha that was good. I think I also remember a book store or two. At the time the Jr. anchor was either Beall Ladymon or their cheap crappy successor Stage. I have an idea that this anchor was originally a Selber's location.

    1. This is really a neat mall to check out. Malls like this do not survive very often and this one is doing very well. This mall is also really close to the St. Vincent mall, so it is good that they were able to put together a mix of tenants to co-exist with the larger mall.

  2. The anchor was most indeed Selber Bros. It was the first branch outside downtown Shreveport.

  3. The reason this mall survives is it's store mix. With the exception of Stein Mart, all the others are locally owned specialty stores. The Line Avenue area is a very upscale locale, and this mall fits it.

    1. That is very true, there were many fancy cars and houses in that area. The prices in the stores were not for a person on a budget, like me.