Thursday, January 1, 2015

On hiatus, we will be back soon

Happy new year everybody. I have been super busy lately but I will be back soon and continue the blog and reply to all comments. Here is a quick preview of my upcoming posts in 2015. Alco Pasadena closing sale
Alexandria Mall
Almeda/ Northwest twin malls article
Drug Emporium Waco
The Esplanade Mall update
Inglewood Mall update
Kileen Mall
Kmart Gonzales La
Kmart Gretna La
Kmart Houma La
Kmart Kileen
Kmart Metairie #1
Kmart Metairie #2
Richland Mall
Rivercenter Mall
Sears Main St. Houston update
Sears Slidell closing sale
Slidell Town Square Mall
Temple Mall
Westview Village Shopping center Waco


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm glad that you're still continuing the blog as clearly there are a lot of retail stories in the region left to be discussed in addition to the new stories that will break throughout the year. The teaser shots are very interesting. Obviously I'm looking forward to the Almeda/Northwest Malls post. I'm also glad that you got a picture of the Almeda Piccadilly Cafeteria facade before the store closed. I don't know if you've been by Almeda Mall since the retiling, but it might even be nice to be able to compare the older Almeda Mall look to the new one in addition to the comparison to NW Mall.

    The Kmart pictures are very interesting too, I'm really looking forward to those stories. The Gretna KCafe image is interesting. It looks like maybe the KCafe is closed, but maybe not. The giant HVAC registers at the Metairie #2 Kmart are even more interesting than the giant Kmart HVAC vents that I remember. They seem bigger than what I remember (maybe not though) and I don't remember ever seeing them in a line like that, but again, maybe that was common and I'm just not remembering it correctly. It's interesting to see a new Kmart logo in this region and you know that I've been really interested to see what the Killeen Kmart looks like.

    It also looks like you made it back to the Main St. Sears after all. I'll be interested to see what's going on there since it has been a few months since I last went there, but maybe I'll stop by there sometime soon. The other upcoming posts look interesting too. I'm looking forward to reading them.

    1. I have a few more good pictures of the old Picadilly at Almeda. The last Lake Charles Picadilly also closed recently, so there are not too many left these days at all. I still have yet to make it back to Almeda or Northwest, but I have an upgraded camera phone now to get much better shots than before.
      The Gretna Kmart was about halfway through the store closing sale so the Cafe was already gone. I know of one other store in the New Orleans area that had a Cafe so I will see if that is the case still on a future visit. You will see some interesting things in each Kmart post. I enjoyed being able to check out these particular stores again for the first time in years.
      I was able to get better quality photos of the Main street Sears even though some angles are the same. I also managed to get a really good picture of their Christmas display which I will include.

  2. Glad to finally see alexandria coming.

    1. Alexandria Mall is a surprisingly large mall for the size of the city. The mall is mostly full except for the Sears corridor which is nearly empty. If you are interested in more about Alexandria area see my Pineville Kmart post.