Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kmart Houma La

Here is the Kmart in Houma Louisiana at 133 Monarch Drive. This is the first Kmart store that I have featured with the newest Kmart logo. This store was more than likely opened in the late 1970's early 1980's. The size and design of the store is very similar to the Bossier City, Longview, and Gretna Kmart locations.    
Now for a look inside of the store. 
This store has a decent Sears appliance department. 
Lots of clothes
The electronics department. 
A look at the middle aisle going towards the pharmacy.
One of the back aisles of the store. 
The back section of the store facing towards the front. 
This appears to have been the former entrance to the auto center. 
Another look at the Sears appliance section. 
The main aisle at the front of the store. 
The garden shop. 
The vintage blood pressure monitor is still here. 
A view from the back of the store to the front in the clothing department.
Another wide view of the electronics section. 
The front entrance of the store. 


  1. Thanks for the pictures of this modified mansard slice facade Kmart. It is interesting that the store has new signage. The Garden Shop signage is probably newish too, but it's hard to say. Obviously some of the old Big Kmart era signage lives on inside though.

    I spy a Memorex cassette/CD boombox as an open box clearance item in the electronics department! Did you take a look at it in the store? I wonder if the price was reasonable. It's interesting that Kmart is still using that design for their "Reduced" clearance stickers as I have a box of Memorex 5.25" floppy disks with that same design sticker on them that I brought in around 1995. I guess the design still works so there is no point in changing it. Maybe they are still using the same roll of stickers from the 1990s. Anyway, I also see the Sony and RCA cassette boomboxes that Sears sells here in Houston.

    I also find it interesting that this Kmart has some Sony transistor style pocket AM/FM radios prominently displayed. It feels like they should have some Walkman type devices next to them. All in all, I'm pretty impressed with the prominent display of retro type electronics at this Kmart. One thing that is missing is the Walkman woman, but this Kmart does not seem to have any department wall signage in the electronics department unlike most other Kmarts. All that is there is the sign hanging from the ceiling.

    This Kmart, like the newer Gonzales Kmart you wrote about in your last post, seems to be maintained, organized, and stocked at an above average level compared to other photos I've seen of other Kmarts. There certainly are some retro features at this one though like the giant HVAC vents. The HVAC vents look a little bit dirty unfortunately, but I guess they do look cleaner than the ones I remember at some of our older Kmarts in Houston when we had them. The store seemed to be only moderately busy based on the parking lot shots. Hopefully business is doing okay at this store. It's still surviving after all these years so I guess it must be a decent performer at least.

    On a side note, when did Kmart switch back to metal shopping carts? I remember Kmarts having metal carts way back in the day, but then they got those beige plastic carts around the 1980s and then I think I remember blue, gray, and maybe even red plastic carts at some of the newer Houston Kmarts.

    1. This store was really stocked compared to many other Kmarts I have recently visited. This is one of the Kmart stores that will not have much trouble filling electronics space since the department is small. I did not check out too many items for sale at the store since I was in and out quickly. I hopefully did not miss any older items that are not around in any other stores anymore.
      The store was fairly slow on my visit, but it was raining and I visited in the late weekday afternoon. The store is just down the street from the mall.
      Many Kmart stores have a newer metal cart with the Kmart logo etched in the metal. Some stores have a mix of carts including the plastic carts.

  2. On the topic of vintage Kmart's, There is one that is currently a storage place on Dairy Ashford and Bellaire . I believe it opened in the late 70's and closed in 1995. I think they moved to the new location on highway 6 , that is currently a flee market.
    here is link of the store

    1. Yeah that is surely a former Kmart similar in style to the one I posted here. I wonder if the inside still looks the same with the exception of the added storage units.