Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inglewood Mall update 2014 Morgan City La

Here is another visit to the Inglewood Mall in Morgan City Louisiana. A Walmart Neighborhood market is scheduled to be built next to the mall in the near future, possibly helping to bring new businesses to the mall. The mall had gained at least two new stores since my last visit, a cell phone store and a clothing/beauty salon store next to Tampico. This is one of the few completely retro malls from the 1970's still left intact in south Texas and Louisiana. This mall was similar in size and shape to the demolished Kenilworth Mall in Eastern New Orleans.

The stores at the mall include 
Lake Cinema 4 screens (no mall entrance)
Tampico Mexican Restaurant/ Lounge/ Corporate offices
First National Bank
Liberty Tax
Republic Tax
2 separate attorney offices
Cardiac Rehab Services
I-refurbish cell phones/electronics
Pilant Court Reporting
Dancing Divas Dance Studio
Bayour Smile
La Princesa clothing and (beauty salon)
A look inside of the mall corridors.
The interior of the former K and B was stripped out with a sign advertising the space for lease. 
There was better lighting on this visit so you can see much better how cool this retro mall still is.
This is a cell phone repair store I-refurbish, that was new in the middle of the mall.
A look at the corridor near the cinema section of the mall.
A view of the two different types of skylights in the mall. I still have yet to visit the mall at night to see if these lights are used.
This spot of the mall reflected too much light to get a good photo.
With better lighting you can see the sign from the court reporting service that is at the mall. 
The back side of the Tampico restaurant shows that it is or was a club.
The wall of the Tampico Mexican restaurant.
Looking across the mall from the entrance near the Tampico restaurant.
A view of the dead end corridor. This part of the mall looks like it was built for an anchor which never happened.
The store to the left is for the corporate offices of Tampico restaurants. 
Tampico on the left and the former K and B to the right.
Another view of the inside of the stripped out former K and B from the front entrance glass.


  1. Thanks for the update. This mall is a real time capsule. It's certainly one of the most retro malls I've seen in modern times. The flooring, lighting, archways, and of course the wood paneling are all classic 1970s mall features. All it needs is a few trees and fountains in it to complete the 1970s indoor park look. It would be a real shame in a way to lose the mall in favor of a Walmart, but we'll see what happens. At least there will be photos of the place.

    1. Hopefully I can find out more information about the mall and if the rumor is true, make it down there for a full photo session. Even though the mall is very small, it would be nice to get photos of every storefront. I would also like to see if they light the halls up at night since during the day all of the lights are off. Hopefully Walmart will stay away from this site and go somewhere else, but who knows.

    2. I do not think it will be torn down. They are building a Walmart Neighborhood market to the north:

    3. Thanks Mike for some clarification on the new Walmart location. I am glad to see they are not going to use the mall site for their new store. With the mall across the street from the new Walmart, hopefully more stores and businesses will open up in the mall keeping it alive. Keep me posted if things change, thank you.

  2. The K&B Terrazzo flooring is always a dead giveaway to locate one of their stores. All the Rite Aid stores that were former K&B stores still use it.

    1. Yes, it is I am surprised that several former K&B stores are still mostly intact after all of these years. It has already been almost 18 years since they were taken over by Rite-Aid.

  3. Thanks for putting more pictures up, and for the update. Good to know that they're trying to preserve (and maybe revitalize) the mall even with the new Wal Mart coming in.

    I visited this mall for the first and only time when me and a former coworker were trying to sell the Tampico employees health insurance. The owner didn't realize that my buddy was a fluent Spanish speaker, and he kept referring to us as "idiotas." Good times.

    1. If they modernize the mall, hopefully they will keep it mostly intact. I would like to see new paint and other improvements to the skylights. Do you know if the interior lights of the mall come on at night? I have not been there at night since the late 90's, and I would like to see the lights on.

      Lol, yeah Spanish is a very prominent language in the South. I have had the same thing happen to me.

  4. Their needs to be a music store put in, I haven't been to this mall in forever but would if that Was there

    1. I wonder if things are doing better at the mall since there is a new Walmart going up next door.

  5. hello all, I recently purchased the Inglewood Mall. we are hoping to build it back up and do some improvements but still keep the retro look. Since we've bought it we have a dentist who is moving in and a kids learning center that has expanded. Hopefully the economy will pick up soon so we can continue to grow!!

    1. Glad to hear some positive news about the property. With the Walmart property across the street, I believe that the mall can attract new businesses. Congratulations on your new business opportunity.