Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rivercenter Mall update 2013 San Antonio Texas

This post was lost for a while in the draft section of my blog. Things may have changed from my visit in 2013, but I did my best to check the internet for any updates on the mall.

The Rivercenter Mall has one of the strangest configurations of a mall that I have visited. Most of the mall is doing well, but the design of the mall created several areas where customer traffic is light and stores left. There are four levels of the mall; River, Street, Fashion, and Entertainment. The main section of the mall has two floors leading from the former Joske's/Dillard's to Macy's. The mall has two wings that are connected to the main section of the mall which are three floors. The first floor has the food court and outdoor sections which line the riverwalk extension. The second and third floor are enclosed, and the third floor has a crossover to prevent dead ends in the mall. The second floor also has street level exits. See the directory below for a better look at the configuration of the mall. The mall is currently anchored by Macy's and an Imax Cinema on level 4 and also contains two large parking garages.

The riverwalk extension leading to the mall entrance.
A view of the three levels of the mall. In this part of the mall only the top 2 levels are enclosed.
The directory.
Here you can see the massive 550,000 square foot, five story Joske's store that was built around the historic St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Joske's was here for many years before the mall was built and was expanded several times over the years. Dillard's took over the store after they purchased the Joske's chain in 1987 and closed the top 3 floors. The store closed in the 2008 and redevelopment plans have been stalled.  
A mall entrance at the street level.
Now for the inside of the mall. Lots of retro features from 1988 are still in the mall. The mall has had at least two renovations since the opening. 
The former entrance to the Joske's/ Dillard's. 
The hallway near the former Joske's/Dillard's has some vacant store fronts.
Here is the third level near the street entrance pictured above. There is not much activity up here. 
The connector from one side of the mall to the other on the third level.
The other side of the third level near the street entrance has more activity and a hotel entrance.
Looking at the last anchor Macy's on the third level. This part of the mall only has two levels, since the lower level does not connect to here.
A view of the main mall corridor facing the center of the mall.
Back to the former Joske's/Dillard's entrance, note the former Sam Goody on the left. 
A view of the second level of the mall. This part of the mall has two floors enclosed and the bottom level is open to the riverwalk.
The other side of the second level near the hotel.
The food court.
A view of the first level which is open to the riverwalk. 
The Imax has entrances on the third and fourth levels of the mall.
The center area of the mall facing the former Joske's/Dillard's.
More shots near the center of the mall.
A view of more retro lighting in one of the hallways.
Another view of the top two enclosed floors near the street entrance.


  1. Thanks for an update about Rivercenter. I visited Rivercenter in the year 2000 I believe. It wasn't a good visit mainly because I got stuck in one of the parking garages for like an hour and a half. I think someone's car broke down or got into a crash right at the garage exit and it held everyone up for a long time. I think that memory covered up any other memories I had of the place. I did walk by the place on my last San Antonio visit 5-6 years ago and noticed the Dillard's had closed, but I didn't go in the mall to see what else was happening. Thus, I'm glad to see an update now. It's an odd-ball mall for sure, but that's not uncommon for malls built in urban areas like Rivercenter.

    1. The mall is doing well except for a few poorly designed sections of the mall that are not easily accessible for the main traffic of the mall. The section where the Dillard's closed is not doing that good either. I also forgot to mention the stores that are in the alley from the mall to the street on the Alamo side.