Friday, October 16, 2015

A walk through North Oaks Mall 2015.

This is my second recent trip to the North Oaks Mall, click here for the first.
North Oaks Mall once connected to the far anchor which was a Target, but was mostly closed off to expand the retail stores with exterior entrances. Currently the cinema is the only business open in the mall corridor. 

Here is the view when you walk into this small remaining corridor at the North Oaks Mall.
A vintage MacFrugal's sign at the mall entrance to Big Lots. Several years ago all of the different closeout stores under the Consolidated Stores Corporation all became Big Lots stores and the MacFrugal's and Odd Lots names disappeared.
As you can see this was a very slow night for the movie theater. 
The other entrance to the mall corridor at the back of the center.
Looking from the above entrance towards the theater.
A view of one of the former mall stores. 
Another former mall store down what is left of the mall corridor that once stretched to what was a former Target.
This is where the mall corridor abruptly ends.
Looking from the dead end to the theater entrance.
The back side of the Big Lots.
Looking back towards the main entrance.

A retro wall from an old store across from the Big Lots.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The last Louisiana Blockbuster Opelousas La 2015

Here is the final Blockbuster in the state of Louisiana. I took a detour and found this awesome relic of the past, but sadly it was closed for the night. 

According to the article below, you still have time to visit this store before it officially closes before the end of October 2015. About 25 Blockbuster stores are still open in the US. The Blockbuster website shows the majority of those stores are located in South Texas.
New releases were still being advertised on the road sign.