Friday, November 13, 2015

Kmart updates from 2015

Here are a few additional photos of these previously featured Kmart stores in Louisiana.

Kmart Pineville La.
Now for more interior shots.
Here is what was left of the video game section. 
One of the few stores left that still has a music section.
The movie aisles 
A wide view of the clothing departments.
Another wide view of the electronics section.

Kmart Lake Charles La.

What was left of the game cases.
The music section at Lake Charles
The music and movie sections

More views of the video game cases.
A wide view of the electronics and appliance sections.
A vintage Kmart blood pressure machine
The video game aisles after the cases were mostly removed. 
The last of the video games at the Lake Charles Kmart.
The latest in Kmart security technology 
Gretna La. closed storefront


  1. Thanks for the updates. The close ups of the music racks are particularly interesting to me. The Pineville Kmart has a lot of those "Music from the '80s" tags even though few (if any) of the titles are from the 1980s. I guess they have Taylor Swift's 1989 in front of one of those tags. Well, I guess that counts for something. Fortunately, no precious cassette tape was wasted on Taylor Swift's music! The Lake Charles Kmart seems to have some 1980s compilations, but none of them are with the Music from the '80s tags.

    It's interesting to see a Now! 28 CD still on the racks at the Pineville Kmart. That came out in 2008. It must have been there since then. Clearly not all the music is flying off the shelves at Kmart, but at least they are still selling something.

    I do see the selection of CD-R/DVD-Rs at the Lake Charles Kmart. I also see the Maxell VHS-C and T-120 VHS cassettes, but I don't see the Maxell UR 90s there. Perhaps the pictures were taken before Kmart started to stock them. Anyway, it's always interesting to see what kind of media Kmart is selling these days.

    The joke about the security camera is pretty funny. That camera has probably been there since the 1980s. Who knows if it even works. It may just be a decoy at this point.

    The writing on the Lake Charles blood pressure monitor is pretty faded. I wonder if they'll ever renovate that. If so, I wonder if they'll keep the vintage logo. Granted, I'm pretty sure that it won't be renovated.

    1. These photos were taken between February and July this year, so there are a few differences you may see. I would guess these stores are selling the cassettes again since the stores I visited in August had them in stock.

      It would be nice to see Kmart stock new pre-recorded cassettes but not Taylor Swift, lol. If Urban Outfitters starts to carry cassettes at all stores, who knows what other retailers will jump on board as well.

  2. Not too sure but I would guess that the security camera at the Lake Charles store is from around 1976 or 1977. I knew of a Thrift Drug store from that era with a very similar camera.

    1. I wonder if it still works, it is funny to see it up there still after all of these years.

  3. My favorite part is the shopping center sign logo. They used the AUS Kmart logo there instead of the correct and current one. The original sign had the old logo, and it was blown out during a storm. This is what it was replaced with. The store has the Big Kmart sign now.

    1. I was very shocked to see that sign. It would be even better if they had replaced the Big Kmart sign with the same logo to match. The Big Kmart signs have not aged well and many stores have gotten rid of the Big part of the sign. Sadly only 1 Kmart out of all of the stores I have visited has the latest logo.

    2. I don't believe any Louisiana store has the new logo. Of the ones I know:
      Bossier: no
      Pineville: no
      Lake Charles: no
      New Iberia: no
      Houma: no
      Gonzales: no
      Mandeville: no
      New Orleans: no
      Metairie: neither one

    3. Actually, Houma has the new logo. See my previous post with photos from the Summer of 2014. It is the only Kmart I have seen with the newest logo with the solid red lowercase letters. Stay tuned and I will have the last two Kmart stores left for the blog to cover in Louisiana.


    5. I haven't been down to Houma in a while. It's only about 80 miles, but there's really nothing there for me, so I don't see it much.

    6. I agree with you about Houma. There are many better options unless you live nearby. It is a nice small town but there is not much happening out there to make a special trip.