Saturday, March 18, 2017

Will return soon with new posts

New posts are in the works.

Be patient as lots of new photos and articles are being compiled. These are some of the new posts being compiled. There are also some older articles being worked on as well. With all of the store closings so far in 2016 and 2017, I have tried to document as many stores as possible and provide updates to some malls as well.

Goodbye Kmart Lufkin
University Mall update March 2017
 Goodbye Macys Greenspoint and Greenspoint Mall update March 2017
 The final days of Northwest Mall March 2017
 Goodbye Sears Oakwood Center Mall
 Goodbye Kmart Elmwood
Circuit City then and now update with hhgregg closing


  1. It's sad to see all these familiar retail spots go (we may have to add RadioShack to the list), but I look forward to all the new posts covering these stories. The closure of Northwest Mall is particularly sad, but I can't say that it comes as a surprise. Is that hhgregg in a former Circuit City? Talk about a location of doom if so.

    1. Yes the hhgregg was a Circuit City location in Harvey La. It looked very similar with the same yellow paint. This shopping center also had a Wilsons that was converted to a Service Merchandise.