Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hastings Nacogdoches Texas

Here is another Hastings store in its final days. Thanks to my blog commentators, a some information that I did not know about this and other locations has been revealed. This store was once an Ashley Furniture store prior to becoming this Hastings location.
A typical Hastings Superstore had these departments

Movies for sale and to rent
Music CD's and Records both new and used
Video Games for all major consoles for sale and to rent
Books new and used
Fan zone with collectibles from the big 3 major sports and all teams
Toys and collectables
Electronics with TV's, CD players, record players, walkmans, tablets 
Phone accessories
Guitars and musical instruments
Gag gifts
Outdoor sports
Science projects
Hobby shop with build it yourself cars and RC cars
Magazines and newspapers
Greeting cards
Board games
Magic and Pokemon games
and more

Hastings had a lot of things in one store and you could easily spend hours browsing in the store. Hastings was in the beginning stages of adjusting the products in the stores to increase profits when the company went into bankruptcy. 

Here is the front of the store near the video games.
Near the entrance of the store facing the movie department.
Odds and ends were scattered around the store at this point.
The newsstand was where magazines and papers were located. 
The book department information station.
Fading signs above the book department.
The music and book departments.
One of the few displays in this store with the newest Hastings logo.
Empty movie racks at the back of the store. The video games were at the front of the store right by the entrance.
The movies stretched across the whole back corner of this side of the store. I found a lot of the movies, books, comics, and music from this Hastings location are now sold at an antique shop in the University Mall. The items at the antique shop still have the price tags from this Hastings location.  
From the back of the store looking towards the front.
This information station was right in the middle of the store.
A few images of the registers at this store. 

One of the notification signs at the registers about the new merchandise that was brought in for the liquidation.
Another register counter.
Can't leave without seeing a Blockbuster Movie Grab. I wonder how many of these were left in storage waiting for a liquidation sale of this kind.


  1. Thanks for the photos. The flyer discussing the non-Hastings inventory is interesting. This Hastings is certainly much more modern than the Tyler one we last saw. Having said that, it’s still not that modern! I’ve probably mentioned this before, but a stained carpet seemed to be a Hastings tradition!

    I wonder if the seller at the antiques mall just went in and brought a bunch of CDs like anyone else or if they made a business deal to get the inventory. I was recently at a Half Price Books store which had a couple of sealed classical CDs with Tower Records price tags on them! I'm not sure if HPB brought those from Tower or if some customer sold that item to them unopened.

    1. One of the most modern Hastings store posts is still being worked on.

      They probably made a deal towards the end of the Hastings closing sale judging by the inventory they had. I am sure we will see Hastings inventory show up at Half Price Books as well.

  2. We didn't have Hastings here in FL, but wish we had!

    1. Hastings was an awesome store, with an old school feel.

  3. A store chain called Dirt Cheap, a discount liquidation store, will be opening in this space soon. Surprised it got filled in under a year.

    1. That building is in a solid location near some of the busiest retail spots in town. That is a quick turnaround though.