Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Goodbye Sears Oakwood Center Mall Gretna Louisiana March 2017

Another Sears store on the chopping block in 2017. This store opened on April 13, 1966 and was the last original anchor still open. The store closed on March 26, 2017 along with the Kmart in Lufkin and over 100 more locations. The closing of this store leaves only one full size Sears store in the New Orleans area at Clearview Mall in Metairie. 

Signs all the way across the store, here we start in the hardware and lawn and garden areas.

Now we go to the second floor appliance department.

The very small amount of electronics left.

Home décor and bedding on the 2nd floor.

Lots of empty space on the second floor at this point in the sale.

Now we head back to the first floor.

The West exit to the mall. There was also a South exit to the mall.

The South entrance to the Sears store.

Back inside of the store we head through the clothing department.

Lots of fixtures still left at this point in the sale.

From the back of the store to the South entrance to the mall.

The closed off garden center entrance.

A few more shots of the tool/lawn and garden areas.

RIP Sears Oakwood.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. This Sears store looked to be interesting. It looks like it was in better shape than most Sears with updated signage and a nice looking mattress department that reminds me of the one at the soon-to-be former Baybrook Mall Sears. Was this Sears on the larger side?

    This store had some interesting services according to the pictures. It looks like it had a watch repair service (quite fitting since I think watches were the first product Sears ever sold) and a notary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a retail store with a notary service, but maybe I’m forgetting someone. Is it common for stores in Louisiana to have notaries?

    It’s unfortunate that a big city like New Orleans only has one Sears left. The remaining store is in a suburb so it might be a long drive for people on the other side of the city. Hopefully Sears will open up some appliance and mattress stores if nothing else to fill in some of the gaps.

    1. This Sears was a very good sized store similar to Willowbrook in size. There are a lot of similarities to this store and several others in Louisiana.

      I should have gotten a better photo of the notary. They had a cool variety of license plates and other things they were advertising.

      The good thing about New Orleans is that it is a small city and Clearview Mall in Metairie where the Sears is located has a direct route to one of the bridges across the river. There is also another Sears in Hammond La. about 30-45 minutes for the Northshore suburbs. I am not sure how big that store is, I have never had a chance to stop there. Anyway it is a big blow since Oakwood had all anchors filled for the first time since before Hurricane Katrina struck.

  2. Very sad to see. My father opened that Sears as its first store manager. Little did we know when we moved in 1972 Sears would one day be on the brink of closing all of it's stores.

  3. Very sad to see. My father opened that Sears as its first store Manager. Little did we know when he transferred in 1972 that Sears would one day be on the brink of closing all the stores.

    1. It is hard to believe how Sears has fallen. Oakwood was one of their larger stores in the area. Only 3 Sears full size stores will be left in Louisiana once the recent closings finish up.

  4. Do anybody know where the watch repairman guy in Sears went or what is his name?

    1. If anyone knows please reply to this comment.