Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sears Parkdale Mall Beaumont Texas

Here is the Sears location at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont Texas. This is one of the stores that will remain open if Fast Eddie's plan is approved later this week. This store opened up sometime in the 1970's but I could not find an exact date.

The mall entrance.
Just after entering the store from the mall, we have the perfumes and jewelry.
Men's clothing

Not much NFL apparel to be found.
A closed optical department with Sears Grand baskets.
Pretty sure these were shipped in from Austin when that Sears Grand closed.

Peeling wall fixtures.

Kids clothing
The lonely checkout counter in the middle of the store.
A strange assortment of clearance items.
The store had a really large tool department, but looked to be in the process of consolidation.

These are from a very different era at Sears.
Shrinking tool department.
Auto department
The lawn and outdoor department.

A lonely, hidden price checker.
An interesting FYI in the mattress department.
The different heights of the ceilings is an interesting design.
A view of the mattress department.
This exterior of the store looks to be in very good condition.


  1. Hopefully this store, along with Sears in general, will survive. It is nice to see pictures of a Sears store which may have a future and isn't in the process of closing down. Hopefully we'll get some good news this week, but we'll see. I am optimistic that the court will choose the option which will save jobs.

    The Beaumont Sears may see extra business with the recent closure of the San Jacinto Mall Sears and the upcoming closing of the Port Arthur Sears which we recently saw on the blog. Hopefully this store will be up to the standards of these potentially new visitors.

    This Sears store is a mix of interesting touches and some odd stuff as well. I like how the fragrances are and jewelry counter is situated. These are often after thoughts at many Sears stores, but this one looks nice. Well, it's about as nice as an old Mervyn's, but it's still not too bad. The poster for the cologne is rather odd, I don't think I've seen anything like that at a Sears store.

    The carpet in this store, at least where it is clean, gives this store a bit of a more upscale look than many discount type department stores today. I've probably seen the NFL sign at other Sears stores, but I don't know how common it is. Here in this region, they might as well just put up Texans, Cowboys, and maybe Saints logos as those are the only teams they have stuff for in stock. Even then, they mainly just have Cowboys stuff.

    Those sanding belts might well be from the 1990s. They don't have the Sears logo on them, which Sears used on Craftsman products in the 1990s, so maybe it's from the early 2000s. Either way, it's not new stock I'm sure. Of course, Sears still sells garage door light bulbs in the 1990s design even though I think they are newly produced products.

    I've always preferred the Sears with integrated auto centers like this store has. Maybe I'm just biased towards those since the Willowbrook Mall Sears has that. Anyway, the auto center looks reasonably well maintained. Some of the clearance areas of this store, OTOH, look pretty rough.

    The N. Shepherd Sears also had Sears Grand carts during my last visit there last summer. I thought it was very odd seeing those. Surely they could have sent over some regular Sears carts from closing stores instead of the ones from Austin, but oh well. At least they have carts which work I guess.

    I'm sure you read that recent article about how Mexican Sears stores are much nicer than the US ones. I wonder if they were inspired by your blog posts from last year. Regardless, I have become accustomed to the new color scheme for the blog and I must say that it does look quite nice. Hopefully we'll have more good Sears news going forward in 2019.

    1. This store has a lot of good things going for it. The empty Macy's will reopen soon as a Dicks Sporting Goods and the area around the mall is thriving. The mall entrance road near Sears was also recently improved and set up for future business growth.

      The store is about the size of the Willowbrook Mall Sears first level. This was one of the earlier stores to get rid of electronics as well.

      Deerbrook also has the attached auto center, sadly they block off the auto parts department when the auto center closes. Speaking of Deerbrook, the Parts Direct store closed right after Christmas. I never saw anyone actually buying anything there, but they had a large touchscreen to view products online which was a plus.

      I did not notice those carts at the Shepherd Sears store. Next time I go, I will have to look for them.

      The hearing for the future of Sears will start next Monday. Next week will either make or break the company, there is a lot of uncertainty even with the bid. Too many objections from pensioners and creditors may kill the plan to keep the company going. I really hope Sears continues to stay open.

    2. It is good to hear that the mall is doing well even with Macy's departure. Perhaps Macy's departure says more about Macy's situation than it does about the mall's situation. Hopefully they don't lose Sears now, that might hurt the growth of the mall.

      That is unfortunate to hear about the closure of the Deerbrook Mall Parts Direct store. I've never seen anyone use the Parts Direct counters at the stores I've been to that have/had them (the N. Shepherd and ex-Baybrook Mall Sears). Sears has enough floor space that they can just stock common parts in the store somewhere and have the regular clerks help people order things online I suppose. At Willowbrook Mall, Sears has a parts and repair center near the customer pick-up entrance. It's in the store building, but not actually connected to it and they have different hours than the store. Because of this, I suppose they never considered an actual Parts Direct counter.

      The lights in the auto department are turned off when the service center closes at the Willowbrook Mall Sears as well, but it's still possible for people to pick up items from that area. I'm not sure if they want people shopping in that area after the lights have been turned off, but I guess they let people do it.

      I'm sure the court will look favorably upon Lampert's offer to save jobs. That may not be enough, but hopefully it will be. We'll see soon enough. I'm staying optimistic for now, but who knows what will happen.

    3. The Macy's store at Parkdale was always a second rate store. Foley's put a lot of effort into that location, but it seems like Macy's killed off this store and the Lake Charles location on purpose.

      As we now know, Sears has a second chance to right the ship. I think we may see a push to open more of the smaller appliance locations in the near future. I think we will see more downsized Sears stores as well. Fingers crossed that we will get at least one Kmart mini-store in the area, but I seriously doubt it.

  2. It's pretty easy to tell the differences between the Sears Grand carts of which store they came from. The white Sears Grand would have came from the ground up Sears Grand stores while the brown Sears Grand logo carts are from the Kmart conversions to Sears stores.