Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Richland Mall Waco Tx

Continuing with the Central Texas Waco/Temple/Kileen area posts we have Richland Mall in Waco Texas which opened in 1980. This is the largest of the Waco/Temple/Kileen area malls at over 700,000 square feet of space. The mall was undergoing a significant renovation on my visit to a plain vanilla color scheme. 

 None of the malls in this region have much history available online. They will finally get their 15 minutes of fame on this blog. One of the Dillard's stores was formerly a Wilson's/Service Merchandise store, my guess is that the Dillard's Men's store was the one.

Road side sign
Dillard's Women's Store
A two story Sears store.
Dillard's Men's Store
JCPenney with the mirrored glass entrance. As you can see the mall was under construction so I did not get to see much of the finished product.
The JCPenney corridor facing the center court.
The Sears corridor facing the center court.
The Sears corridor.
The former JCPenney auto center.
The other side of the former JCPenney auto center.
The mall entrance near JCPenney.
The JCPenney corridor looking out from the store entrance.
The center court of the mall.
The entrance to the Dillard's Women's Store
An old school food court sign looks out of place with the new remodel scheme.
The directory.
Bonus pictures, Christmas displays at Sears.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Temple Mall, Temple Tx

Here is the Temple Mall, which opened in 1976. This mall is located on the South Loop and 31st street near the hospital and main shopping area of the city. Temple is less than 30 minutes away from Kileen and is also a fast growing area. This mall is almost the exact same size as the Kileen Mall at 550,000 square feet, but has a different layout. There is not much information online about this mall, so I will take guesses on the previous anchors.
We will start with the interior of the mall.
Here is the Dillard's corridor.
Looking from near Dillard's to the food court and Macy's.
The entrance to Macy's which is also the front of the food court.
The JCPenney corridor near the cinema.
The JCPenney corridor facing the opposite direction.
The directory.
A view of the IMAX and cinema entrance.
The front of the Dillard's store up close with the old wood panel front. This is very similar to the Dillard's at the Brazos Mall which was previously a Joske's.
Now let's look at the outside of the mall.
The front of the mall facing the loop.
Macy's, this is the only Macy's in the Waco/Temple/Kileen area.  
A former Steve and Barry's. The front of the store has been modified, but looks like it may have been a Wilson's/Service Merchandise in the past.
The IMAX cinema with the JCPenney.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kileen Mall Kileen Tx

Here is the Kileen Mall which opened in 1981. There is not much history available about this mall online, but with the growth of the area this mall is set for many years to come. This is a decent sized mall (around 550,000 square feet) for the area and was nearly fully leased on my visit. The mall was also recently renovated, and looks nicer than the plain and boring renovations of many modern malls. 
Looking from the JCPenney corridor to the food court entrance.
The entrance to JCPenney near the food court.
An old school Pulse ATM near one of the mall entrances. 
The center court of the mall facing the Dillard's and Sears corridor.
Burlington, very retro mall entrance. I am guessing this was a former Wilson's/ Service Merchandise store. 
Now for the outside of the mall starting with Sears. Dillard's Women's Store is to the far right of this picture.
The road sign which is visible from Highway 190.
Dillard's Men's Store
More shots of the Sears store.