Friday, September 26, 2014

Southpark Mall / Summer Grove Shreveport La update

A few things have changed since my last visit. Some of the store fronts have been covered up as well as the former mall entrance to Burlington. More store fronts have been converted to other uses and spaces have been combined to create large areas for church and community uses. I visited again on a weekday afternoon and there was not much going on besides the occasional mall walkers. The property is still doing well on Wednesdays, weekends, and when church and community events are held here. 
The windows to Burlington have been covered up. 
Here is the entrance to the former JCPenney which is now the Worship Center.
Inside of the former Montgomery Ward
The former cinema
The storefront of Montgomery Ward

The former Dillard's anchor.
Burlington is still going strong.

The Montgomery Ward auto center that is on the East side of the mall property. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sears Grand Austin Tx.

This Sears Grand opened in the fall of 2005 as part of Sears push at the time to compete with Walmart Supercenters and Super Target stores. The store featured a full Sears store along with groceries, toys, health, music, movies, garden center, and pet supplies. Now the store has lost most of the extra departments and has furniture and clearance items where those departments were located. 

Current Sears Grand stores still in operation (according to the Sears website) include

If there are any more out there, drop me a comment and I will add the store to the list.
This concept could have done well if it had been pursued more aggressively. This concept was opened around the time of the Kmart and Sears merger that has seen nearly every concept outside of Sears and Kmart fade away or get spun off. Sears Grand lives on in name and design, but the extra departments that made the store unique are long gone. Since Super Kmart Centers at the time of the merger were going away, this concept was also abandoned in favor of Sears Essentials stores. For more information about this concept click here. 
A view of the closed off Garden Center.
The directory lists many departments that are no longer in the store. As you can see the setup is similar to many popular Supercenter concepts.

A look from the North entrance to the store towards the checkouts. 
The area to the left of this picture featured the pantry and pet supplies. The signage was changed in this area once the departments were removed. 
This was the area where the Health and Beauty section was at. 
Gamecube games are long gone from the electronics department.

Another section that is no longer here, but all the signs remain. I wonder how many disappointed kids have seen the sign across the store and found out that nothing is left but sporting goods and clearance items. 
Lawn and Garden
Looking at a row of checkouts. 
A look across the middle of the store .
Two views from the front of the store to the electronics section in the back. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiesta Marketplace Sugar Land Texas

Here is the short lived Fiesta Marketplace market in Sugar Land Texas. I visited the store in the day (Late March) and again at night (Final Week) to see what may have caused the quick demise of this store. 
Opened July 17, 2013
Closed April 20, 2014

This sign was on the entrance doors in the final week of business. I wonder if this sign was approved or if nobody noticed it had been placed on the door. 
Now for the inside of the market. The market looked much better in person than it did in the promotional photos. 
The Caribou Coffee was at the front of the store, this was the only location in the Houston area of this popular coffee chain. 
A Red Mango kiosk inside of the store near the prepared foods counter. 
Here are my opinions as to why this store failed so quickly. Many of the departments that Fiesta is known for are downsized to make space for other departments such as the wine section which was probably too big for a store of this size. Many of the departments that were downsized did not have enough products to find what you needed or find a sale item. The basics of what Fiesta has succeeded at along with the extras would have been a better fit, instead of the other way around. The store should have been larger that it was (about 50,000 sq ft) to have been able to compete with the more established higher end grocers. Finally the whole shopping center is mostly hidden behind a freeway ramp you will not see this store unless you are on the service road.
The store had many positives as well, with the variety and kiosks inside of the store with coffee, yogurt, and prepared foods. The employees were very nice and have all been transferred to other area Fiesta stores.