Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jackson Brewery Millhouse Mall New Orleans Louisiana

Jackson Brewery Millhouse opened September 27, 1986 as the second part of the redevelopment of the former brewery. This section of the development only took 7 1/2 months to build despite a small electrical fire in May of 1986 which pushed the opening back a month. This project was completed ahead of the grand opening of the nearby Riverwalk Marketplace which opened less than a month later. This addition is listed as  85,000 square feet. In the July of 1986 article, no mention of the food court is made, but nearly half of the second floor today facing the river is the food court.  

Stores at the grand opening (opened 80% occupied)
Accessory Lady's Add On's (accessories)
All Wrapped Up (gift wrap service)
Benetton (fashion)
Inkadinkadoo (rubber stamp shop)
It's the Dickens (needlework shop)
Managerie (paper mache animals)
Mega Magnets (this one should be obvious)
Naturelle (fashion)
Shooting Stars (pose for photos with celebrities)
The Limited (fashion)
The Procrastination Headquarters (gifts revolving around the theme of procrastination)
Jubilee Market third floor (kiosks, counters, and stalls with merchandise and food)

The fourth floor had a Birraporetti's restaurant (Houston chain)
The fifth floor was going to have a powerful New Orleans restaurant overlooking the river views and French Quarter. 

First floor
Second floor
Elevator to the third floor, with the food court sign in the background.
The Food Court stretches across the river side of the second floor.
Back to the first floor
The 2013 store list 
Many stores are geared towards tourists, but there are a couple national chains here.
Several views of the Millhouse from the river and parking lot side of the building.
The first phase of the Jackson Brewery will be covered at a later time. A third phase of the project which was scheduled to be completed in December 1987 which would have fixed up a nearby warehouse to have a grocery and drugstore, was never started. The bad economy of New Orleans in the mid 1980's saw many projects stalled or cancelled due to the "Oil bust". 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kmart Pineville La.

Here is the Kmart in Pineville La. which is in the Alexandria metro area. Check out the road sign with the retro Kmart logo. 
Retro Kmart and retro Wendy's sign.
Garden shop sign from the original store signage?
Sporting goods looking towards the rest of the back of the store.
Looking from the electronics department to the front doors.
From the back of the store to the checkout areas.
From the middle of the store looking towards the pharmacy.
Pharmacy with a retro blood pressure machine which still works. 
The back corner of the store near Layaway and Auto.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mall St. Vincent 2013 Update

The mall is undergoing a renovation which will make it look like this picture and one further down. The work is currently still going on.
The mall does not have a food court, but there are restaurants in different spots in the mall. We will start with the Sears half of the mall.

Old school escalators still operating in Sears.
Looking from Sears into the mall.
Is this GNC, I couldn't tell for sure, lol.
The center court of the mall had a fountain, we will see what goes there after the remodel. 
The work started in the Dillard's half of the mall.

The Dillard's corridor.
Another image of the future mall. 
Very retro Picadilly Cafeteria, will it remain this way after the remodel?
A few last looks at what will be gone when the mall renovation is finished. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kmart Longview Tx Late 2013

Here is another Texas Kmart store located in Longview Texas near downtown at 1100 Mc Cann Rd. This store is probably from the 1970's looking at the design of the store and is very similar to the New Iberia Kmart location. This also was one of the busiest Kmart stores I have been to in a long time. When I arrived the parking lot had several rows filled with cars which is always good for business.  
Holiday section facing electronics, no signage at this store like in most Big Kmart stores. 
Garden center
More holiday section facing electronics
Holiday section going towards Toys and the back corner of the store.
Walking down the main back aisle of the store towards clothing.
Back corner of the store with hardware and automotive departments.
Back to front facing the pharmacy
The other back corner of the store near the layaway
Closed down cafe area partially covered by blankets.
Front of the store checkouts

Wide view of the store.