Wednesday, May 18, 2016

West Hill Mall Huntsville Texas 2015 update

West Hill Mall 2015 update from different 2 trips to the mall. Not much has changed since the last visit except for the closing of the Foot Locker store. The Foot Locker was originally near the center of the mall, but moved before that section of the mall was closed off.

Here are some interior shots of the mall. These are of much better quality than my previous posts at the mall. The interior of the mall still has mostly local stores.

The mall map

This photo was taken just before the Foot Locker abruptly closed.
Looking from the Palais Royal court you can see all the way across the mall to the JCPenney entrance. The retail space is only about 1/3 of the mall. The DPS and county uses the remaining former 2/3 of retail space.

As you can see from the photos, the mall is very clean and well maintained.

The former Foot Locker store.
The former Zales is now a cut through to the bathrooms.  

Now for the exterior of the mall.
This mall sign is located at the back corner of the property.
The far side of the mall is used for various county services.

Palais Royal
The lone mall entrance

Here are some closeups of the current and former department store anchors. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sears Midtown Houston photos from 2015 & 2016

Here is the Sears in Midtown Houston which recently celebrated their 75th anniversary. The store is located a few miles south of downtown Houston. This area of Houston is undergoing a transformation and many new developments have caused the land value to skyrocket. The store continues to stay busy and is in a prime location.

The store as viewed from the US 59 and Fannin exit ramp. The store was designed to stand out and still does.  
Now we go to the inside of the store on the basement level.

Electronics, Appliances, Tools, Fitness, Mattresses, Vacuums, Small Appliances, Furniture, Lawn and Garden and Seasonal departments are located on this level.
Fitness and hardware
Christmas 2015 display
More of the basement level

A closeup of the vintage clock.
The power shop sign could use some help. Many of the tools are locked up in glass cases at this location.

Now up to the 2nd floor or 3rd floor. 

Children's, Lingerie, Home Goods, Bath, and As Seen on TV are on this level. You can see some of the old Sears wall coverings partially covered. I wonder what this corner of the store was originally, maybe a restaurant. 
A closeup of the old store fixtures.
A wide view of the 2nd or 3rd level.
An old exit sign at the entrance to the stairwell.
A picture of Sam Houston in the stairwell.
Now for the 1st or 2nd floor of the store.
This is the main level of the store you enter from the street. Shoes, Men's, and Women's clothing are on this level.

The pick up area of the store.
A different view of the store.
A couple more interior photos

The empty video game case in the electronics department just before it was removed.
This corner of the electronics department now features mattresses due to the continued shrinkage of all Sears electronics departments.

Here is how the store looks at night.
The Sears auto center with the main store in the background.

The sign can be seen to the left of this photo with Downtown Houston in the background.