Monday, June 4, 2018

Toys R Us Westheimer Rd. Houston Texas

Here is a brief article about one of the Houston area Toys R Us locations. More surprising new posts are coming soon, research always takes too much time! Stay tuned.

Toys R Us Westheimer Rd is a regular Toys R Us/Babies R Us combo store. These images were taken the weekend prior to the announcement of the liquidation of the chain. 
Views of the front of the store in the final days of normal business.

A large electronics section with a large selection of video games.

As seen on TV

I am guessing this was an area to test out drones. 

TRU exclusive board games.

Lots of TRU in the center of this photo.

The entrance to Babies R Us

Gotta love the Nintendo Switch advertisements.

Video game cases

This image shows how massive of a game selection this particular Toys R Us had.

Remote controlled cars and video games. As a kid this would have been an awesome part of the store to see.

Action figures

Fast Lane is a generic looking brand that had a lot of TRU exclusive merchandise.


A troubled retailer inside of a troubled retailer.

A handy measuring card to see what size bike you would need.

Getting to pick out one of these cards would have been a dream come true as a kid. I remember the feeling of picking out a video game like this.

Babies R Us, this is a part of the store that I did not spend much time in over the years. The prices here were almost always higher than at other stores. 

Back to the Toys R Us side.

The end cap displays are cool especially the Lego one.

Another look at the Babies R Us entrance.

Now for the outside of the store. 

It is strange how lights always seem to burn out when a company goes into bankruptcy.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sunland Park Mall El Paso Texas

Here we are at the Sunland Park Mall in El Paso Texas, I finally made it to the Western tip of the state. Sunland Park Mall opened in 1988 and has over 900,000 square feet of space. This mall is anchored by Sears and 2 Dillards stores. There are 5 anchor spaces at the mall. Macys closed in 2017 and will be replaced by Star Western Wear later this year. Forever 21 closed a few days after my visit to the mall in April 2018. Forever 21 was a former Mervyns that closed in 2008. Macys was a former Foleys that was converted into Macys with the rest of the chain.

The mall is really well designed and looks awesome inside. Sadly this mall is suffering from declining sales and the loss of 2 major anchors. Parts of the mall have vacancies and there are also some non-retail tenants. I read several articles about the decline of this mall, which is being blamed on the nearby El Paso Outlets and Highway construction. If anyone has any further info on this mall, please comment below. I would like to find out more about the history of El Paso retail, even though this was the only El Paso Mall I was able to visit. 

The last Kmart in El Paso that closed in January 2018 was located just down the street from the mall, but I was unable to pass by that shopping center. 

The mall directory
The escalators were out of order in the Sears wing.

The mall has a ton of natural light with a warm stone flooring and trim throughout the mall. It was refreshing to see a mall without the boring bland look you see these days.

These stores on the second floor are interesting. I would prefer to see these kinds of mini stores in 2 story malls instead of kiosks.

I almost needed to keep my sunglasses on inside. The mall was very bright.

The circus tent style roof in the food court seemed out of place. 

The big fly was part of a Spring display they had in the food court.

Old school Bath and Body Works.

The Dillards Women's store. Both Dillards stores are in the same section of the mall along with one of the entrances to the closed off Macys.

But the Dillards court was also hiding a gem. FYE stores are vanishing so it was awesome to find one I had not visited before.

Now we head up to the second floor. 

Another tent roof. 

These courts looked really awesome, they really make you feel like the mall is enormous. 

The closed off Macys entrance.

The Dillards Men's Store 

Here is the food court which is also located on the second floor.

A new looking movie house is located at the food court mall entrance. 

Now let's head back to where we started. 

Dressbarn, why would anyone shop there? The name just sounds terrible, I have no idea how this store has a nationwide following.

The Sears court also has a tent roof.

Forever 21, my other photo of the entrance did not come out well. Apparently this store closed less than 10 days after my visit.

Sears and Amazon together at last, lol. The Sears wing has the most vacancies.

Let's pop in Sears. Now this is a very cool and unusual design for a Sears store.

The skylight just keeps going.

Here is the first floor.

Mattresses in the former electronics department.

Here are a few shots of the exterior of the mall with the mountain in the background. The closed Macys and Dillards Women's store are shown also.

Sears looks very unique.

Another wider view of the mall.

Stay tuned, more new places are coming soon.