Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pasadena Town Square Mall now Plaza Paseo Mall Pasadena Texas

Pasadena Town Square Mall is now Plaza Paseo. These first photos were taken early in the transition of the mall. 
This was taken just before the new signs were put up around the mall. The interior and exterior of the mall were repainted as part of the changeover.
The food court was the first part of the mall to get the new signs.

The Sears to Macys corridor before the changes were made.

The new large sign in front of the mall.

Ventec offices took over the former Dillards.

A look at the same entrance as above with the new signage.

We start the tour at the above entrance near Ventec.

Very strange to see this near an office space. I wonder if they soundproofed the office so you can't hear the mall noise.

Very few businesses operating in this corridor of the former Dillards. The businesses that are down here don't follow traditional mall hours.

The directory has been updated recently.

Walking towards the food court.

I like this mural, you don't see a lot of art in the more successful malls.

The main court with the fountains is nice and airy. The poles and some of the ceiling beams have been painted new colors.

Looking towards the Sears.

Looking towards the food court from across the fountains.

Another peek at the food court.

You have to like the simple detail in the main court of the mall. 

The Sears corridor is a popular place to sit and watch televisions on comfy chairs. Sears is now the final large anchor left at the mall. Palais Royal is the only junior anchor left.

Walking from Sears to Macys

The Macy's corridor has a lot of empty space. Zales which was across from Macy's left once Macy's closed.

Macy's closed earlier in 2017. The store is currently vacant.

The former Anna's Linens closed several years ago and is now used for furniture storage. One of the few remaining businesses in this section of the mall sells the furniture.

The furniture store on the right is the owner of the inventory in the former Annas Linens space.

Sears mall entrance

Another photo of the nearly dead corridor going to the former Dillards.

Ventec has kept the former Dillards entrance mostly the same. The inside of the store has surely been completely changed.

Sears the lone survivor of the department store exodus. This Sears was originally located down the street on land that Walmart now occupies.

The future of the mall is very much in doubt after losing Macys. There are very few chain stores left in the mall and the food court is less than half occupied. The Sears store is surprisingly busy and the nearby Southmore retail corridor has been improving, but there are two large abandoned office buildings next to the mall. We will continue to see how things go at this mall.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sears Lufkin Mall, Lufkin Texas RIP January 2018

Here we are at the Lufkin Sears which is on the most recent store closure list, which will see 63 total stores closed in Jan 2018. This is the smallest Sears store I have been to with all of the departments that a major Sears store has. Not pictured is the home and mattress department. These photos are from earlier in 2017 and may be updated before the store closes. 

This Sears normally closed an hour before the mall did even on this Saturday night. 
The former electronics department was filled with odds and ends. A small selection of electronics still remained, but was later moved a few feet over into the Men's department.

As you can see that sign probably fell off the wall and was just left there behind the vacuums.

The selection of tools, appliances, and lawn equipment filled about 50% of the store space.

This store has an attached auto center and a few aisle of automotive items.
These are a good idea, but I hardly see anyone using them at Sears or Kmart. Missing a chair probably doesn't help this one to attract attention. 

Shoes and Mensware

A look at the rest of the store with Womensware and Children's clothing further down. The mall entrance is to the far left.

These were taken a few weeks later after the electronics were moved to the Men's department. 

More appliances filled the former electronics department a few weeks later as well.