Wednesday, April 18, 2018

RIP Macy's West Oaks Houston Texas

Macy's West Oaks Mall opened in 1982 as a Foley's department store. This department store like many other Foley's stores in the area predated the mall by two years. This store closed on March 26, 2017 along with the Plazo Paseo and Greenspoint locations. There are current plans to reopen this space as The Outlets at West Oaks, which will probably be a flea market type of development. It remains to be seen, how the mall will do after losing both of the last remaining main anchors of the mall. Only Dillard's Clearance Center and Palais Royal remain. 
2015 photos after they opened up the previously closed off section of the store.

Store closing sale March 2017

Children's handprints line the entrance walls of the store.

Men's department

This area of the store really looks nice. 

Upstairs to the furniture section which took up at least 75% of the second floor.

This sign can now be found at the San Jacinto Mall location.

Not too many former Foley's stores have this floor anymore. 

Former housewares department.

A really cool view of the elevator with the old Foley's color design.

How many department stores have these kind of skylights, not many.

Copper or similar metallic ceiling.

I could not get enough of this part of the store. Bright and vintage.

Just a few steps away from the skylights, we have this entrance to the furniture department.

A map of the second floor of the store.

No store closing store sale is complete without a mannequin party.

The front of the store near the mall entrance.

A directory of West Oaks before Macy's was removed.

The mall entrance to Macy's.

Back inside of the store.

This store had a lot of fixtures for sale.

Why do these store closing sales always have a ton of rugs for sale?

Back in the Men's department where we started.

An interesting photo of Downtown Houston in the Men's department that I had never noticed before.

A blurry final view of the store and the remaining ladies items.

A different entrance with the handprints.

Not only will  Macy's sign be removed but Sears closed here as well on April 8, 2018. I will feature that store as well on the blog in an upcoming post.

Lots of new articles in the works, stay tuned.