Sunday, October 25, 2020

Centro Santa Fe Mexico City March 2019

This is the largest mall ever covered on the blog. Four hours was all we had to explore this huge property, so I did my best to get as much as I could photographed. The mall was bustling with shoppers, employees, and security guards. If I ever travel to this area again, this will be a must stop for the trip. The mall property is listed as 562,501.31 m2 or slightly over 6 million square feet, and opened in 1993. Compare this mall with the Houston Galleria that is listed as 3 million square feet total. The official anchors are listed as Casa Palacio, Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sears. There are over 500 stores, restaurants, and services in the mall. Santa Fe is a suburban area of Mexico City less than 10 miles away from the city center. The area also has multiple skyscrapers and has a very interesting backstory that you can read at this link. So as you may have guessed, this mall is expensive, and you are right. There are a lot of deals to be found though if you stay away from the luxury department stores. 

El Palacio De Hierro just by itself is a massive anchor that is 5 levels of luxury shopping and dining. 380,000 square feet after a 5th floor expansion was completed in 2018. Click here for more information about the store.

Tons of anchor spaces here. H&M is 3 floors here at the mall so it would qualify as an anchor space here.0

Here is the mall entrance of El Palacio de Hierro.0

A look into the mall corridor as we start the journey.

This side of the mall is three floors. The new addition of the mall is six floors!

Saks Fifth Avenue opened in November 2007 through a deal with Grupo Sanborns.

We continue through the mall concourse.

This is a well designed skylight in the H&M court.

Three story H&M

Sanborns has a small presence here on one level in comparison to the rest of the anchors.

Radio Shack!!

A really nice Liverpool is another three level anchor.

More of the mall, continuing past Liverpool.

A peek at the exterior of the Liverpool anchor.

This court is where the mall used to end. Now it continues past the elevators to the right and to Sears and much more.

So here is where the mall expands into six floors. Bottom level is an ice skating rink that goes under Sears. Levels above have Sears on 2,3,4 and Casa Palacio on 5&6. The bottom 4 levels are mostly separate from the upper 2 levels. The upper levels are very quiet in comparison to the rest of the mall.
This newer section of the mall opened in 2013. 


The Sears court features some big names such as Best Buy, Chili's, and Forever 21.

A look at the three levels of Sears with a sliver of the ice rink below the store.

This was a perfect shot of brands that have nearly disappeared from the United States in 2020. Sears, Pier 1 Imports, and Radio Shack. As you may have guessed, all three of the brands are doing well in Mexico.

Let's visit the inside of Sears.

Sears in Mexico is always a treat, this is the newest Sears store I visited during my time in the country.

The department directory.

I will let the photos of the store speak for themselves. All I can say is wow, I couldn't believe I was inside of a Sears store.

The candy counter sitting there to lure shoppers in from the mall corridor.

A better photo of the Sears and ice skating rink. The upper levels are just above the ceiling.

Best Buy and some shots of the video game department. Electronics and video games seem to be priced 10-20% more or higher in Mexico. 

Now for more views of the mall.

The mall directory. It had a huge reflection no matter what angle I tried to take photo from.

Selecto Chedraui a gourmet supermarket.

This area of the mall on the second and third levels is another area with a lot of restaurants.

This is probably the best photo I could get of all 6 levels together. Only in this small area you can see all levels clearly.

The quiet upper floors above the Sears. Casa Palacio is the anchor store here. I was not able to make it in here with the limited time we had, here is a link to the interior of the store. Apple and several other retailers are located up here as well.

Almost another view of the six floors all together. The floor I was standing on did not make the photo. 

Yet another view of the six floors together.

The best I could do from the ground level to show all six floors.

Enough already with the six floors together photos you say. Ok well here is the Sears again with the ice skating rink front and center. I would have loved to ice skate under Sears, but tick, tick. Time was running out fast.

Let's continue on.

And take an elevator ride.

After a walk, here is another shot of the Liverpool.

More views of the mall as we head back to where we entered.

Food court

More of the skylight and court in front of H & M.

Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here is where the mall gets quiet again. The third floor corridor from H & M to El Palacio de Hierro was struggling a little bit.

Now we will take a walk through El Palacio de Hierro.

I did my best to take photos of the store, security and employees were all over the place. 

The store is set up with mini stores within the store. Some general areas of electronics are featured as well, but there were rooms for Microsoft, Sony, LG, and many others. The same setup is also used for apparel and a few other departments.

A part of the store that was closed off for renovation.

Skylight in the center of the store.

Candy counter on the fifth floor.

Here we are entering the food court area of the store. Or should we be fancy and say food hall?

The fake skylights are a nice touch in this area of the store.

More of the center area of the store.

Heading back to the mall, we can see a little bit of the apparel offerings.

Mixup, a cool mini electronics store similar to FYE.

Last stop Sanborns.

A couple of photos that got mixed up. Liverpool with an attached Krispy Kreme. There is another Krispy Kreme in the mall also.

A look at the mall corridors in the original three level section of the mall.
More blog posts on the way, stay tuned!