Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Abandoned Houston big box stores 2014 & 2015

Here is a small collection of abandoned retail here in the Houston area. Retail development in Houston is very strong and many empty big box stores have been filled. The closing of Anna's Linens will create more empty space, but it will probably be quickly filled.

ALCO Houston Gessner Rd. Abandoned 2014, previously a 99 cent only store.
Kmart Houston Homestead Rd. closed in the 1990's. Most recently used as a flea market and abandoned in the early 2000's.
Best Buy Houston/Almeda abandoned 2008. The store closed when the Gulfgate Best Buy opened.
Target Houston/Almeda abandoned 2009. A replacement Super Target nearby on the beltway replaced this store.
Circuit City Houston/Almeda abandoned sometime in late 2005-early 2006. The Circuit City moved to a nearby shopping center and closed in 2009. Redeveloped into the Sonya clothing store, now being redeveloped into a new business possibly a warehouse. Lots of interior photos inside of the store here.
Circuit City Sugarland abandoned 2009. Most recently a Halloween Express.
As you can see most of the interior is still intact.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sears Grand update Austin Texas

This is not much of an update, but more of an extended look at this Sears Grand location. 
Since our last post, the Pittsburgh Mills Sears Grand has closed bringing the number of known stores on my list down to 7. To see the list check out my first post here.
The map of the store featuring several departments that have been eliminated. 
Here are some views of the store not seen in the first post. Looking across the store from the mattress department.
Near the back corner of the store near the mattresses.
From the back corner of the store looking towards the clothing and electronics departments.
Looking from the clothing to the back corner of the store.
Looking from the electronics section to the front of the store.
Looking from Men's clothing to the far side of the store by the furniture.
The front of the store at the checkouts.
The exercise equipment looking towards the shoes.
Bikes and electronics.
Exercise equipment and shoes.
The entrance to the auto center and auto parts department.
Outdoor furniture, tools, and lawn and garden in this image.
Lawn and garden
A wide view of the shrinking electronics department. As with all Sears and Kmart stores, the electronics department has been downsized. 
An up close view of the electronics monitors. The colors change around the CRT's (compare the two photos).

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hastings Huntsville Texas Closed

I am a little late with reporting this news, but the Hastings that was covered in the blog closed over two years ago. Here is a link to the article. Sadly many stores like this one have closed over the past decade with chains such as Border's, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, Media Play, and FYE shrinking or closing altogether. Hastings is still located in many areas, but this closing leaves Huntsville without a good local option for the items they carried. The closest location is in Conroe about 30 minutes South.

No more books, movies, games, coffee, or the rest of the cool items that were sold here.

Here are a couple of pictures of when the store was still in business from 2011.