Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas everybody! Quick update post

Here is a quick post to give some updates. These are some of the projects in the works for 2023. I will get to updating the comments later on today. I hope everyone has a great holiday week!

Almeda Mall December 2023. 

For now the mall is doing great, but there is trouble on the horizon. Burlington is building a new store just across the road and is rumored to be leaving the mall early next year. The building that Burlington is currently in is really showing its age. The building will more than likely need to be demolished if a new department store wants to move into the mall.

Center court was all decked out for the holidays.

Neon signage in the food court.

Macy's court.

Sears Hometown store closings

Pasadena closed in June 2022. Opened in November 2021.

Grand opening signs in the already closing store.

Willowbrook Closed in August 2022, opened in January 2022.

As of mid-December this store is now closing along with the last Sears Hometown stores.

University Mall/ University Plaza

The old Peanut Shack menu board!

San Jacinto Mall demolition and aftermath.


Food court


Macy's court


Macroplaza Mall update

The church next to the former Dillard's was the only place open in this section of the mall. Only 8 businesses/church was still left at this point in November.

Nothing is left in the food court, but a couple of TV's are still on.

Crickets on this Sunday afternoon.

Boarded up windows at the food court entrance.

Sears Auto Center long gone......

Sears Hometown shutters are down and signage posted.

The former Macy's loading dock appears to have had some kind of recent fire. I also saw some remnants of people living next to the other side of the store (not pictured).

These are my more recent retail visits. I have a few more Fiesta stores as well to post in 2023. Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Richland Mall Waco Texas Oct 2021

Here is a return trip to the Richland Mall in Waco Texas.

A new Dick's Sporting Goods opened up in the JCPenney wing of the mall. 

The old Dillard's Women's store has moved to the former Sears anchor spot.

The new Dillard's Women's store. Parts of the Sears anchor can be seen even after the renovations.

Here is what the anchor looked like before.

The building has been extended but the second floor was closed off.

Bealls, Stage, Gordman's, now Tilt Studios.

Dillard's Men's store and JCPenney.

JCPenney logo with black letters.

JCPenney logo with white letters.

The new Dick's Sporting Goods store takes up a good bit of space and a former mall entrance.

This side of JCPenney got the new red letters. Back, white, and red JCPenney letters on this store.

The only vacant anchor just past Dick's.

A look into the mall at the JCPenney court. As you can see the new Dick's Sporting Goods sticks out into the mall corridor a good bit.

Looking into the main mall corridor.

The full mall entrance to JCPenney. Glad to see that the mirrored entrance stays put here.

Another view of the mall corridor with Dick's

Dick's with H&M a bit further down to the right.

H&M entrance.

The center court.

From the center court to the food court and new Dillard's store.

The old Dillard's store has left this corner of the mall without an anchor.

Another view of the center court.

The mall map shows a couple of anchor vacancies, but one has since been filled.

EntertainMart, a store that has filled in the gap left by Hastings.

Here is a tour of this EntertainMart location.

Video Games, Music, Movies, Books, Collectables, this store has a lot to see!

Excellent selection of video games new, used, and retro.

Back to the days of when the Saints were a good football team, sigh!

I forgot to mention their comics section. 

They had some instruments as well.

They even had a small VHS selection!

They had some interesting action figures, lol. 

The store took up two spaces with the majority of the smaller space being books. 

The middle of the store is where the checkouts and candy selection are located.

Trade Yo

What a cool store this is, definitely a great addition to Richland Mall.

Now for more of the mall.

Tilt Studios which is now open. This is the former Bealls/Stage/Gordman's space.

A peek inside through the construction wrap.

They still had a lot of work to do at this point.

Looking back into the mall from the Tilt.

Now we head towards the food court and new Dillard's store.

There it is, the new Women's Dillard's location.

Here is what that area of the mall looked like when Sears was still open. Sadly, the food court neon sign was removed.

The food court, a couple more restaurants can be found in the mall hallway to the left.

The Sears mall entrance minus the sign is exactly the same.

The view of the store map.

Once inside, all similarities to the former Sears are gone.

Back out into the mall we see another view of the food court.

And an excellent retro video game store (Special FX) that has been in the mall for several years now.

More of the food court with the main mall corridor just past the seating area.

The mall hallway just past the food court has an interesting mix of shops and restaurants.

This trip was made on a Sunday so Chik-Fil-A was closed for the day.

More of the mall, heading back towards the center court.

Tilt Studio entrance one more time.

The second, older Dillard's. Men's and Home.

Looking towards the center court from the older Dillard's.

Center court towards the JCPenney/Dick's court.

More views of the JCPenney/Dick's court.

The mall entrance near JCPenney and across from Dick's Sporting Goods.

It is strange to see how much the new Dick's store sticks out into the mall corridor.

As we leave the mall, here are some parting photos.

Overall Richland Mall is doing great. If they can get the old Dillard's anchor filled or knock it down for an outdoor lifestyle addition the mall will be set. There is an excellent variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options here. Ownership and management have done a fantastic job here.