Thursday, February 18, 2016

Updates and extra images

Here are some mini-updates and extras for my readers until the next full post comes out. Some of these images were taken with the intent of creating a full article and others are not sufficient for a full blog post. 

Alexandria Mall 2015 extra images.

A much better photo of the Sears entrance.
A couple of empty store fronts near Sears.

Spring Deauville Mall 2015 mini-update.

The former Designer Depot and mall corridor have been renovated and reopened as the Spring Reception Hall. Check out the site for the new business here, they really improved the inside of the former mall. There is still one untouched corridor of the mall next to the Ace Mart that you can see through the glass doors. 
Fiesta Parker Rd and I-69 2013 extra images.

Here are a few close ups of the signage to the store. Classic neon and chasing lights still going strong after all of these years. 

K&B/Rite Aid Lake Charles 2015 extra images.

If the deal to purchase Rite Aid closes, this store will be remodeled or closed. 
Check out the items listed on the aisle marker, you can actually find nearly everything on the sign including video tapes and audio tapes.
Pasadena Town Square Mall 2015 mini update.

The mall is still struggling to fill spaces and has lost several stores over the past two years. Some of the businesses taking spaces are only open limited hours. 
The former Dillard's is now being used by a company named Ventech.
The updated mall directory with Ventech and the newer Sears logo.
A photo of the food court entrance with the retro sign and lights.
Pierre Bossier Mall 2015 extra image.

The huge Sears entrance really stands out at this end of the mall.
PlazAmericas Mall 2015 extra images.

The Houston Trade Center development
Foley's labelscar starting to show. 
Hollywood Video Deer Park 2015.

This might be the last location in the Houston area with the signage still in place.
Northshore Square Mall 2015 mini update.

Big changes are in store for Northshore Square Mall. The mall will be torn down with only the former Sears, JCPenney, and Dillard's clearance store remaining. A new big box center will be built roughly where the mall currently stands.

This Dillard's closed shortly after this photo was taken. The other Dillard's store at the mall was downgraded to a clearance store after a new Dillard's store opened a few miles away.
The former Sears anchor.

Sears, the food court entrance, and Burlington.
Southland Mall 2014 extra images.

An intact K&B storefront inside of a mall. Very few large drugstores remain in malls these days.
The K&B shades of purple are still on display after all of these years.
 Southpark Mall 2015 mini update.

More renovations have occurred since my last visit. The former Montgomery Ward entrance is now covered up.
The JCPenney court.
The Stage labelscar shows at an angle.
Looking towards the former Dillard's.
From Stage to the JCPenney court.
The former JCPenney entrance. As you can see from this photo the ceilings have been renovated and look much better, new paint and new ceiling tiles all across the mall.
Looking towards the exit near JCPenney.
University Mall 2015 extra photos.

One of the few remaining Peanut Shack stores in operation. These stores were at many major malls in the 1960's-1980's.
A view of the center court, an antique shop opened in the former Beall's anchor.
Greenspoint Mall 2014 mini update.

The mall has not changed much, roughly the same amount of stores are open in the mall with the exception of the food court. Tilt, Wendy's and a few other food outlets closed over the past two years.
The Dillard's corridor looking towards the food court.
Former Electronics Boutique.
The Macy's corridor.
Buckets for the rain.
The front of Macy's.
More buckets.

The former Sears wing. now mostly closed off to the public.
Dillard's wing.
Food court.
Greenspoint Montgomery Ward 2014.
Peeking through the glass windows, we can see that the store is still in decent condition.