Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A walk through North Oaks Mall 2015. Updated 10/16/2019 with new photos

Updated 10/16/2019 with added photos from Chad Westmoreland. A big thanks to Chad for the extra images. 

This is my second recent trip to the North Oaks Mall, click here for the first.
North Oaks Mall once connected to the far anchor which was a Target, but was mostly closed off to expand the retail stores with exterior entrances. Currently the cinema is the only business open in the mall corridor. 

Here is the view when you walk into this small remaining corridor at the North Oaks Mall.
A vintage MacFrugal's sign at the mall entrance to Big Lots. Several years ago all of the different closeout stores under the Consolidated Stores Corporation all became Big Lots stores and the MacFrugal's and Odd Lots names disappeared.
As you can see this was a very slow night for the movie theater. 
The other entrance to the mall corridor at the back of the center.
Looking from the above entrance towards the theater.
A view of the former Aladdin's Castle.
Update 10/2019 Chad Westmoreland provided us this shot of the former Aladdin's Castle interior.

Another former mall store down what is left of the mall corridor that once stretched to what was a former Target.
This is where the mall corridor abruptly ends. The Target entrance was further down the hallway years ago.
Here is the view of the former Target entrance. Photo provided by Chad Westmoreland.
Looking from the dead end to the theater entrance.
The back side of the Big Lots.
Looking back towards the main entrance.

A retro wall from an old store across from the Big Lots.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Woolworth Insurgentes Mexico City CDMX

Here is another Woolworth store in Mexico. This one is located in the Roma Norte neighborhood south of the Mexico City financial district. This is the first of several Mexico City posts that will be spread out alongside the normal USA posts. This is a 2-level location that is slightly larger than the previous location in Juarez that we visited in 2018.
Despite the age of the exterior, the interior was very modern and up to date. The store was fairly busy, I did my best not to photograph people but it was nearly impossible. 

Woolworth Mexico was purchased in 1997 keeping the company alive in Mexico while all stores in the USA closed. (Links included below) The company has grown slowly and features 35 Woolworth stores and three CafĂ© W's. The parent company is named Grupo Comercial and features 2 chains Locura and Del Sol. The company also owns another restaurant chain called Noreste Grill. Just a slight warning, The Noreste Grill website will have you craving some Mexican food, lol. 

Candy counter right at the entrance to the store. 

And tons of snacks too, if you manage to resist the candy counter. The cash registers are past the shelves below the word 'cajas'.

The aisles are slightly wider and the store is larger than the Juarez location. 

A good bit of Football merchandise. The photo on the edge of the display is kinda off though.

A view of the store from the first floor escalator.

The electronics department on the second floor.

Even though the electronics department is tiny, it has a good variety for the space. Even car stereo equipment can be found here.

Lots of headphones.

Fans and some other home items are next to the electronics department.

The escalator view from the second floor.

Price scanner on the second floor.

These mini digital price cards are all over the store. 

View of one side of the store to the other.

Another view of the escalators.

A somewhat hidden staircase just past the electronics department.

The view of the first floor from the stairs.

The first floor is mostly clothes with health/beauty, and snacks. The second floor has everything else.

Tons of shopping bags are available for about 50 cents. Just past the bags is the shoe department.

A random display to show how clothes are set up in addition to the normal clothes racks.

Dress shirts and ties, not what you would think to see at a Woolworth store.

Another area that I forgot to mention on the first floor. Gifts and seasonal items.
Hope you enjoyed this look into a modern 2019 Woolworth store. More articles coming soon.