Monday, January 26, 2015

Kmart Gonzales La.

Here is the Kmart in Gonzales Louisiana. This is the closest Kmart to Baton Rouge and the only one left in the metro area. This is one of the smallest Kmart stores I have been to in years. This store is located at 115 South Airline Highway in Gonzales La. 
The outdoor section with the electronics in the background.
A couple of pics of the electronics department.
This is one of the few Kmart stores that still has music CD's (not pictured, sorry).
A retro sign from the Big K remodel. Most department signs were changed around the mid 2000's, see photos below.
A retro Kmart blood pressure machine hidden at the back of the pharmacy.
The middle of the store by the pharmacy.
A view from near the electronics section to the checkouts and clothing.
Clothing departments.
The back corner of the store going towards the garden center. The newer department signs are clearly seen here. 
The same spot looking at the other side of the store towards clothes and sporting goods. 
Near the middle of the store, clothes and housewares. 
The sign at the checkouts.
The outside of the store. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Parkdale Mall update Beaumont Texas

Parkdale Mall continues to thrive as the leading mall in the Golden Triangle area. Here is a quick update from about a year ago with better quality photos.
Food Court 
Looking down the Sears corridor.
JCPenney West mall entrance.
Bealls corridor 
JCPenney South mall entrance.
Former Picadilly tucked away at one of the mall entrances near Dillard's.
Suncoast is still here!
A few views of the Dillard's corridor from both directions.
Retro Books A Million paneled storefront
This station recently closed at the mall. You could watch live shows being taped through the window.
Macy's corridor
Tilt is gone!
Looking down the corridor with the South entrance to JCPenney ahead. 
Retro Lids entrance.
The corridor between the two JCPenney entrances.
A close-up of one of the many directional signs.
Food court (At closing time)

One of the many murals in the food court showing the historical area oil boom.
The Sears corridor, Sears closed at 8pm. Many Sears stores in smaller cities close early now. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

On hiatus, we will be back soon

Happy new year everybody. I have been super busy lately but I will be back soon and continue the blog and reply to all comments. Here is a quick preview of my upcoming posts in 2015. Alco Pasadena closing sale
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