Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Toys R Us Willowbrook Mall Houston Texas

Here we are at one of the newest TRU locations in the Houston area. This store was built in 2008 as a replacement of another store on the other side of Willowbrook Mall. I visited this store in the week prior to the official liquidation announcement. As you will see, shelves were already beginning to empty out but the store was very neat and clean. At this point rumors of the chain liquidating were already beginning to circulate so the trip to the store had a feeling of sadness.
A view of the huge baby and toddler side of the store.

Some of the board games available.
A price scanner.

The toy trains.

Board games with a touch screen interactive video display.


A look at some of the toys featured in the aisles.

TRU exclusive toys all over the store.

Superhero aisles.

Lego aisles.

TRU exclusive Minion toys.

The end cap of each aisle had a large display sign, some were advertisements for products on the end caps.

Mini skateboards and a TRU exclusive BMX set.

Lego displays with detailed lighting.

Huge Nerf section.

Seriously how cool are these next 2 TRU exclusive toys!

Drone zone.

And now for my favorite section of the store video games.

This shot shows just how large this store was from front to back.

Lots of small electronics for the kids.

A look inside of the video game cases which were already looking barren.

Right across from the video games, the toddler aisles began. 

Another TRU exclusive toy.

Lots of action figures from popular movies and TV shows.

Nintendo is back!

More electronic toys and robots.

A closer look at the drones.

Discounted video games and movies.

More of the popular movie and TV show aisles.

More exclusives.

Clearance aisle

Musical instruments.

The Toddler and Baby sections of the store.

This aisle in the baby section was already wiped out.

Ads for the many services TRU offered.

The newer toy display at the front of the store.

Baby and Kids R Us clothing.

A part of the board game section of the store featured large displays.


The store 2 days after closing.

Lots more coming soon, Toys R Us, Sears, Kmart, and more malls!