Thursday, October 11, 2018

Toys R Us Lake Charles La.

After a short break while I was out of town, the blog is back. Here is the Toys R Us in Lake Charles Louisiana. This Toys R Us had the vintage Geoffrey still up but sadly he had been removed from the street sign. This was a small TRU location, but the shelves were very tall in comparison to newer, larger stores. 

This visit was in the last month of the store being open.

Inside of the store. I will let the next few photos speak for themselves.

An example of how tall the shelves were in this store. 

Not much left in the video game aisles at this point.

This store had glass cases near the back of the store for video games. 

One of the signs still up advertising their online business.

Surprisingly Toys R Us still sold CD's and CD players up until the end.

Lots of TRU branded batteries.

An example of a checkout stand that was for cash only purchases.

This was the video game pickup counter. I am not sure what it was being used for besides showing off electronics at this point. 

About a week after the store closed, the lights were still on.
The store still had a bunch of fixtures in place like they just gave up taking things apart.

Looking into the store at night, you could see so much with the lights still on.

A nice perk of the job, I wonder if they still used this prior to closing.