Sunday, April 18, 2010

PlazaAmericas Update 4/18/2010 Clarewood Mercado

Here are some outside shots of the Clarewood Mercado. The Mercado does not have a grand opening date posted, but it appears to be almost complete. The Laundromat has opened and several cars were parked outside this Sunday afternoon. The parking lot around the Clarewood Mercado has been repaved, so the potholes are gone.

El Mercado the second Mercado is still under construction and set to open before the end of the year. It looks like the roof of the mall is being repaired above the food court. The mall management has also placed a temporary moonwalk slide in front of the second floor of the soon to be El Mercado to draw foot traffic to that part of the mall. Burlington needs to open the gates back up on the second floor to improve the flow of the foot traffic as well.

The lights are on but the stores are not yet open. The Clarewood Mercado has several booths being set up, but I was unable to get many pictures today. I was able to angle the camera through the gate to see the inside much better on some shots. The nearly twelve year vacant anchor is about to reopen. The mall also has a new website at