Monday, November 30, 2009

See you in 2010

I have been taking a break from my blog and I apologize for my lack of new material in the past few weeks. I posted a small teaser article until I am able to devote more time to my blog. I wish all of my readers a happy holiday season and I will be back in February or sooner if possible. Thank you for reading my blog and please continue to send me comments.

Vintage Sears in Midtown Houston

This old school three story Sears is one of the very few vintage department stores left in Houston. This store on the outside has not been updated very much and still retains the classic neon red Sears logo. The inside has been updated with the most recent colors and styles of most Sears stores. This post is part one of a two part series. Part two will be delayed for a while; see above post.

The auto center is vintage as well.

Here are some close up shots of the Sears at 4201 Main Street.