Monday, May 30, 2022

Sears Baton Rouge Mall of Louisiana March 2021

Sears at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge Louisiana opened along with the mall in 1997. I took two trips to this store in 2021, this is the first trip to the store for the blog. This trip was on March 15, 2021. The store is listed at 123,744 square feet of retail space.

The billboard on Bluebonnet Blvd. advertising the store closing sale.

The Sears auto center with the Sears store in the background.

The auto center was already closed at this point in the store closing sale.

Now for the main attraction.

The main entrance to the store on the second level. 

Just like the Pasadena Texas Sears from the late 1990's, this store had outdoor advertisements near the entrance.

Walking into the store puts you into the Men's department.

The old portrait studio and notary counter. 

As I have found at some recent Sears store closing sales, you could freely walk into the old portrait studio.

The weird places you see mannequins!

Looking back towards the Men's department.

The notary office.

Now back to the Men's department.

Part of the shoe department.

Women's clothing.

Jewelry counters.

The second level of the store contained all of the clothing departments.

Escalator area in the center of the store.

More of the Men's department.

Second level shoe department near the escalators.

Down to the first floor we go. Hardlines, tools, appliances, lawn and garden, mattresses, and the rest. Yet another weirdly place mannequin in the tool department fixtures.

Floor model microwaves.

Store liquidation signage.

I love the signage here.

The tool department checkout counter.

The majority of the remaining tools at this point in the sale.

The signage in the background was something I had not seen before in a Sears store.

Grills and random lawn and garden items.

Now this sign is hilarious. Imagine if you got a Sears gift card from your employer. 

I would have to say that this store was pretty well taken care of. This area looks very nice even though the bargain hunters have been ripping apart the store.

Merchandise pick-up area.

A weird area between the package pick-up area and lawn and garden department.

Lots of grills.

These sheds look pretty nice, in the photos and on display.

The mattress department had a newer floor.


The bare wall looked strange in this area.

And as always, the mountain of rugs. Can anyone comment on where all of these rugs at the department store closings come from?

Before Fast Eddie took over this was probably true.

Remaining beds and bedding accessories.

Looking at the view of the front mall entrance checkout.

Appliances with the mall entrance to the left.

Vacuums and supplies.

More of the appliances.

I am pretty sure that this was the electronics department. This is the corner near the tool department.

More mattresses and fixtures.

Looking at the appliances from the possible former electronics department.

I should have tried to get the Sears 125th anniversary sign. It was drilled into the wall though.

Now that I think about it, I should have tried to get all of these signs.

More views of the first level of the store.

Taking a look out into the mall.

The mall entrance checkout.

Now for the sporting goods and more of the tool department. 

The escalator area looks fancy from this view.

More of the tool department.

The tool department had some good fixtures.

The view from the tool department to the possibly former electronics department. And there is yet another weirdly placed mannequin.

A few more views of the electronics department.

Now we pop back outside for a look around the store.

The mall entrance, we will see the rest of the mall at a later time.

Now we have a few more shots of the second floor of the store at the tail end of the business day.

The view of the mall from the second-floor mall entrance.

Now for the mall entrances. 
Second level, just before the store closed for the day.

First floor, the store closed an hour earlier than the mall.

Now for the store view at night.

This side of the store was quite odd. This entrance just seems strange, and the sign did not light up at night. From the looks of the sign, it was not setup to light up.
Part two will be released in the future, along with video footage of the store.
More to come, stay tuned.