Saturday, January 27, 2018

RIP Plaza Paseo Macys March 26, 2017

Macy's Plaza Paseo Mall Pasadena Texas. Opened August 1962 as a Foley's department store, this store was another casualty of the Federated Department stores 2005 merger with May Department stores. This store was closed on March 26, 2017 along with numerous other Macy's, and coincidentally Sears/ Kmart stores. This store still retained many vintage elements of the past including the Foleys 'F' door handles on the exterior doors. The timing of the store closing was similar to what happened at the former Sharpstown Mall store. Once the mall was renamed with a focus on Latino and Hispanic customers, Macy's announced shortly later they were leaving each of those malls. 

A few years prior to the closing, the second floor merchandise was moved to the first floor and the second floor was closed off to the public. Not much was left on the second floor as most of the space had been converted into a furniture clearance center.  
Mall entrance

The arches to the store were recently painted when the mall became Plaza Paseo Mall. 

Now we venture into the store. We start in the section that absorbed the bedding, home goods, and furniture previously sold on the second level. The Kids clothing was previously located here and moved next to the Women's clothing across the store.

As you can see, this part of the store looks fresh and almost new. The rest of the store looks worn and tired as you will see. When the second floor was closed off, this part of the store was remodeled.

Now we move into the rest of the store. Women's and Children's clothing.

As you can see the floors are older and worn with old carpet.

The hallway to the second floor elevator, I was not brave enough to try and get up there sorry. 

Behind where the two mannequins are located is where the escalators to the second floor have been covered up. 

Cosmetics and jewelry in this area. There was also a mini Finish Line shoe store (not pictured)

At least 50% of the store was merchandised with Women's clothing. Men's and Children's clothing departments were very small in comparison to other Macy's stores.

Walking back towards the mall entrance and Men's department.

Looking towards the Men's Department close to the mall entrance.

I like the wood panel design here, right by the side exit doors.

The day after closing, the store was open just for fixture pickups. 
 Here are a couple of photos from the mall entrance that was open one last time. 

The signs were removed shortly after these photos were taken.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

hhgregg's short New Orleans area expansion

hhgregg had a short lived stay in Louisiana. The stores opened in the Fall of 2012 and closed in the Spring of 2017 as part of the first round of bankruptcy closings. The rapid expansion of hhgregg after the Circuit City bankruptcy ultimately helped hhgregg into their own bankruptcy. hhgregg was liquidated shortly after the closing sales began on the first round of mass store closings.  

401 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey La. (Former Circuit City)

8851 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie La. (Portion of a former Walmart)

Not pictured 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. #660 Baton Rouge La (Mall of Louisiana)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Goodbye Sears Oakwood Center Mall Gretna Louisiana March 2017

Another Sears store on the chopping block in 2017. This store opened on April 13, 1966 and was the last original anchor still open. The store closed on March 26, 2017 along with the Kmart in Lufkin and over 100 more locations. The closing of this store leaves only one full size Sears store in the New Orleans area at Clearview Mall in Metairie. 

Signs all the way across the store, here we start in the hardware and lawn and garden areas.

Now we go to the second floor appliance department.

The very small amount of electronics left.

Home d├ęcor and bedding on the 2nd floor.

Lots of empty space on the second floor at this point in the sale.

Now we head back to the first floor.

The West exit to the mall. There was also a South exit to the mall.

The South entrance to the Sears store.

Back inside of the store we head through the clothing department.

Lots of fixtures still left at this point in the sale.

From the back of the store to the South entrance to the mall.

The closed off garden center entrance.

A few more shots of the tool/lawn and garden areas.

RIP Sears Oakwood.