Friday, March 30, 2018

Goodbye Macys Greenspoint March 2017 (Updated April 8, 2018)

Macy's Greenspoint Mall closed March 26, 2017
These photos were taken on two trips in the last month of operations including the final 3 days of the sale.

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This is a long post, so please enjoy the trip to a very unusually designed department store. Not to take away from this post, but there are some special posts coming up in 2018 with new malls and other surprises. 
Mannequins just about outnumbered shoppers in the store. A lot of fixtures and other items were for sale that were stashed on the closed off second floor of this store. You could hear the movement upstairs and see the items come down the freight elevator to the first floor sales floor.
 This store is a massive store at just over 300,000 square feet of retail space. The second floor was closed off shortly after Macy's took over the store in 2006. Before the second floor was closed off, only a limited area was still open to the public. Sadly I was unable to visit the second floor despite asking a few employees if I could check out fixtures upstairs.  
 Tons of decent furniture was available even in the final weeks of the sale.
 The carpet at the store was mostly coordinated with the department. Beige was Women's clothing, green was Men's clothing, and Red was Children's clothing.  

 The front sections of the store had a newer tile floor.  

 As this photo illustrates, the ceilings had a grid unlike any store I have ever seen. 

 Get your mannequins before they are gone!

 A look at the open air jewelry area that shows the elevator and second floor. Blankets covered most of the second floor so you could not see up there anymore.

 Elevators to the left and escalator to the right. The elevator was covered up so you could not use it.
 The mall entrance to the store. As you can tell, the Macy's was much brighter than the mall corridor.
 The front of the store just past the mall entrance.
 The second floor is lit up for the first time in many years. An old gumball machine is visible in the store. That gumball machine was on the first floor for sale on my last visit to the store.

 Second photo of the same spot, you decide what photo is better.

A few more interior images from the same trip.

 Fast forward now to Friday March 24, 3 days before the store closed for good.

Lots of vintage wood paneling throughout the store.  

Another mannequin party.

As you can see, I had most of the store to myself. Only 2 small sections of the store still had products for sale. The rest of the store was all fixtures. 

As you can see, even during the day the store looked very dark.

State of the art security system 

Why don't they make store designs like this anymore?

One of the former register counters.

This store had a ton of fixtures still left in the final days. Most of these were probably brought down from the second floor.

Mannequin chop shop.

A lonely display case.

Now for my favorite part of the store. The only part where you can somewhat see the second floor. When entering through the mall, this area showcased both levels with a nice elevator in the middle. 

 One last peek at the inside of the store.
 Ancient items from the storage room of Macy's/Foley's on the second floor.

 Foley's price tag 
 Foleys yellow tag

Once the Macy's signs were removed, Foleys labelscars were visible. (Lost my photos somewhere in my collection, I will add them when I find them).  

A peak into the store after it closed, just before the corridor was sealed off.

A few weeks later the corridor was sealed off, but as you can see the door was open.

One last look inside from the open doorway.

Update 4/8/2018
Outdoor shots of Macy's which is already being vandalized and falling into disrepair a year after closing.

 Windows are broken, exposing the inside of the store to the elements.

 An excellent labelscar from the original name of the building. 

 Graffiti and more broken windows at the other entrance.