Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 26th Update Greenspoint Mall

A view of the entrance sign that greets visitors coming in from Beltway 8.

The former Sears; the labelscars have been painted over. Half of the Sears wing inside of the mall has been sealed off to hide the vacancies.

The former Sears auto center behind the mall.

The faint Montgomery Ward labelscar is visible behind the paint.

The Dillard's clearance center; a faint labelscar in the middle of the photo of the Joske's logo is visible from this angle.

The former JCPenney is nothing more than a shell.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now Open Clarewood Mercado at Plazamericas Mall

Welcome to the Clarewood Mercado at Plazamericas Mall in Houston Texas.

The first of the two Mercados is now open for business. The site is still under construction and about half of the stores tonight were open and doing business. It is a rare event that a twelve year vacant department store re-opens into a mini-mall. This mercado breathes new life into this long vacant section of the mall and appears to be nearly fully leased. The mercado includes a supermarket, laundromat, a mini food court, and several small stores. Most of the stores closed early and I took these pictures just before the market closed for the night.

Only ten months ago the former JCPenney was a vacant rotting shell.

Now the building has a new beginning; here is a look at the new mall entrance.

Here are a couple of shots in the nearly finished Supermercado which will have entrances from the food court and outside access.

There is a small food court here on the first floor; five of the six outlets are filled. Notice the mirrors still on the poles from the old JCPenney. There are a few signs still in place from the old JCPenney including the one above the escalator below.

I am not sure what is going in here on the second floor; maybe a junior anchor or storage. There are three entrances to this area under construction.

The owners of the new mercado kept the escalators exactly the same from the old JCPenney. Gotta love the nostalgia here.

Clothing stores, jewelers, snack shops, cell phone booths, car stereo outlets, furniture stores, toy and novelty stores, tattoo shops, and several other businesses are open or moving in.

This is the space behind the Laundromat; it appears to be a dollar/ discount store.

Quick Update El Mercado at Plazamericas Mall

Here is the mall entrance to where the new mercado is under construction.

Here are a couple of pictures from the second floor of El Mercado which is under development at the Plazamericas Mall in Houston Texas. Both floors of this section of the mall have been gutted out and will be reconstructed as a mini-mall or mercado. The rest of the mall has seen some changes as well; the food court has brand new seats and tables. The mall has a few new inline stores opening soon. The Clarewood Mercado at the mall has also opened up in the former JCPenney.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 16th Demolition pictures at Greenspoint Mall

There is not much left; they are moving fast with this demolition. As for the old Sears; the labelscars have been painted over just like at the old Montgomery Ward.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 update on Greenspoint Mall

Thanks Pseudo3D for the heads up at the Greenspoint Mall JCPenney. I visited this JCPenney for years with my family when Greenspoint was the only mall in north Houston outside of Beltway 8 with a JCPenney. This was a large two story JCPenney with two mall entrances. The store also had two outside entrances that went in directly to the customer services, salon, and catalog sales on different ends. The store design was actually very similar to the JCPenney at San Jacinto Mall but with two floors. Once JCPenney expanded to Willowbrook Mall, The Woodlands Mall, and Deerbrook Mall all within a few short years this old dinosaur was put to rest. I look forward to seeing this part of the mall come alive again. Unfortunately Sears has closed leaving another part of the mall that needs to be redeveloped.


May 12, 2010

Sears is now closed; the store closed this past weekend.