Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lakeline Mall Cedar Park Texas

Lakeline Mall opened in 1996 in the North Austin area of Cedar Park and quickly became one of the power malls of the area. The original anchors were JCPenney, Sears, Foley's, Dillard's, and Mervyn's. The mall has benefited from major nearby growth and new highways. Currently Lakeline Mall has two Dillard's anchors, Macy's, Sears, and JCPenney as anchors. The mall is in great shape and I did not see a single empty spot inside of the mall.
This Dillard's was converted into a Men's store after Mervyn's closed.

Spacious; the mall is one long straight shot from end to end.

These ceilings are an interesting touch to an otherwise plain mall design.

The entrances to the Dillard's Women and Dillard's Men store are the exact same. Here is the Women's store.
The Men's store.
Macy's with a F.Y.E. store one of my favorite stores at the mall.
Sears; check out the cool Halloween display in the middle.
An Orange Julius; I remember when these were in every mall.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Highland Mall Sept 2011

Highland Mall appears to be winding down retail operations in the mall and more stores have closed since my last visit in May of this year. The food court restaurants may be the only outlets that are allowed to stay after the mall is converted into a college over the next five years. Austin community college purchased the mall in pieces and they are moving all of their operations into the former mall.

The mall directory is updated, but has several stores listed in different categories that make the list look larger.
The food court has one new restaurant; a pizza place that was reopened in the Villa Pizza spot.

Gamestop and a pretzel store are down this hallway to the former JCPenney.
No cookies and ice cream here!

The center court

In front of the former JCPenney, Champs is still open but is one of the last stores left in this section of the mall.


JCPenney labelscar.

The Macy's corridor has the most stores still open.

Inside Macy's which will soon become offices for the college.

Back to the Macy's corridor with some of the open stores.

Going towards the Dillard's woman store corridor.

Inside of the Dillard's woman store.

The fountains are still on for now even though most of the stores have left this part of the mall.

The former Macy's first floor.

Inside of the JCPenney appears to have been gutted and ready for the renovation into offices.

The former Macy's view from the parking lot of the old JCPenney.
More shots of the former JCPenney.

The former Dillard's men store.
The former Dillard's woman store.