Friday, May 16, 2014

Kmart Longview Tx Late 2013

Here is another Texas Kmart store located in Longview Texas near downtown at 1100 Mc Cann Rd. This store is probably from the 1970's looking at the design of the store and is very similar to the New Iberia Kmart location. This also was one of the busiest Kmart stores I have been to in a long time. When I arrived the parking lot had several rows filled with cars which is always good for business.  
Holiday section facing electronics, no signage at this store like in most Big Kmart stores. 
Garden center
More holiday section facing electronics
Holiday section going towards Toys and the back corner of the store.
Walking down the main back aisle of the store towards clothing.
Back corner of the store with hardware and automotive departments.
Back to front facing the pharmacy
The other back corner of the store near the layaway
Closed down cafe area partially covered by blankets.
Front of the store checkouts

Wide view of the store.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Drug Emporium Longview, Texas

Here is a quick post from another Drug Emporium, this one from Longview Texas. 

This store has many retro features, check out the Thank you sign in the middle of this photo.
Here is the vitamins plus section which carries many vitamins and herbal supplements. This part of the store has been one of the busiest in my most recent visits to the store.