Monday, September 26, 2016

Kmart Bossier City Louisiana closing sale June 2016

Here is another Kmart closing sale in Louisiana. This was the last Kmart store in North Louisiana located in Bossier City. The closing of this store was announced two weeks after multiple Kmart and Sears locations began closing sales including the Pineville store covered here. This store is nearly identical to the Longview Kmart which closed earlier this year as well. I visited this store right after the closing announcement was made so the store was still mostly stocked. The Kmart is right across the street from the Sears at Pierre Bossier Mall. The closing of this Kmart is a surprise because this store was busy every time I went. 

Lots of clothes still left.
Back aisle of the store with sporting goods.
I guess loitering was a problem at this store. I guess this area may have once been the electronics department. 
More sporting goods.

Battery rack
Back corner of the store.

Garden Shop and seasonal departments.
In the Garden Shop

More seasonal items.
Groceries and refreshments.
Options for large purchases.
Electronics department.

More groceries
Phone displays in the electronics department.

Most of the good movies were already gone. They were probably sent to other nearby Kmart stores.

CD selection had been picked through as well.
Some of the electronics shelving had already been removed.
The middle main aisle of the store.
I wonder where this machine is today, the machine was in pristine condition for how old it is.
The pharmacy was already closed, but this advertisement was still up.
No more blue light specials, but the store closing ad was on the blue light spot. 
The front of the store looking towards the garden shop.
Pharmacy area.
A store checkout lane.
Yet another old sign from a different era when people still thought it was okay to smoke in stores. 
The front aisle of the store near health, beauty, and office supplies. 

The closing of this store in the second week of August 2016 left 8 remaining Kmarts in Louisiana. 2 of those stores began closing sales in September 2016. The Kmart stores in Houma and New Iberia will close in December 2016. 

The remaining Louisiana Kmart stores are 
Metairie 2940 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie 7000 Veterans Memorial Blvd
New Orleans/Elmwood 1400 S Clearview Pkwy
Mandeville 3555 Highway 190
Gonzales 115 S Airline Hwy
Lake Charles 4070 Ryan St

The final shots of the exterior of the store.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kmart Pineville Louisiana closing sale June 2016

Here is the Kmart in Pineville Louisiana  which closed on July 31,2016. This store has been featured on the blog so it was sad to see yet another featured store close. These photos were taken about a month before the store closed for good.

Most of the electronics were moved to the front of the store, but a few items remained in the electronics department.

The aisles at the back corners of the store were in the process of being broken apart.
The garden shop still had a lot of items left.

Looking towards the seasonal and toy departments from the closed pharmacy counter.
Registers with old ice machine in the center of the picture.
Near the entrance of the store.


Still a ton of clothes left at this point. 
An interesting fixture, I wonder what it was.
The furniture and electronics departments were mostly just down to fixtures.

The other back corner of the store which was formerly sporting goods is mostly gone.
Looking back at the clothes from the back of the store.
Back aisle of the store near sporting goods.
More housewares

Back aisle of the store near the remaining hardware section.

The aisle to the layaway/restrooms was one of the only aisles with products remaining in the back corner of the store.
Battery display, one of the items that was brought in after the merger with Sears over a decade ago.
Auto department signage
More collapsed shelving units at the back of the store.
Layaway counter
Empty hardware aisle with the most recent signage that was rolled out in 2015.
A wide view of the furniture/electronics department.
Registers with Big Kmart sign.
Shopping center sign with the Australian Kmart logo. 
Some views of the store exterior.

At the moment there are no announced plans in the works for this building.