Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Mall of Acadiana Lafayette Louisiana

On the other side of Lafayette is the Mall of Acadiana which opened at the end of the 1970's. This mall is located off of Ambassador Caffery Pkwy and Johnson Street. The mall of Acadiana is the dominant mall of the region with Dillard's, Macy's, JCPenney, and Sears as the anchors. Each anchor is two levels, but the mall is only one level. A large Forever 21 store is also located in between Macy's and JCPenney. This mall has been renovated in a French style to make the mall look like an older town. Many of the storefronts have brick entrances which are a nice change from the boring 2000's mall styles. Most of the popular chains can be found at this mall and I did not see one empty space which means this mall may have a waiting list to get in. More information can be found about the mall including former anchors here. The mall looks to have been designed to have five major anchors, but only four opened.

The food court entrance.
FYE was a Sam Goody in a past life; check out the brick entrance.
The food court is a typical 2011 food court; nothing special.
The design of this mall is very unique.
The design of the mall helps to break the monotony of the plain styles of most 2000's updated malls.

These arches are on the way to all of the anchor stores; a nice touch. As you can see there is no shortage of  lanterns all along the mall corridors.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak preview for the Belle Promenade Mall mega article

The second Westbank mall project began in 1979 under the name Lapalco Square Mall with a plan for a super regional mall that was to be built in two phases. The second phase of the mall was never developed and the first phase of the mall opened up on October 5, 1983 as Belle Promenade Mall. (More to come in the mega article).

Here are some previously lost video clips from February 2004 of the former JCPenney and the small piece of the mall corridor that was left behind.
Ten years before these videos were taken these were the stores inside of the mall. 58 total spaces filled with stores, restaurants, doctors, salons, and a sheriffs department outlet. This list might be missing a few names, but it is the most complete list that I could find.

Belle Promenade Mall
1701 Barataria Blvd, Marrero, LA 70072-4249

Department Stores
JC Penney

Beauty Salons
Command Performance
Nail & Facial
Regis Hairstyles

Candy stores
Bourbon Street Candy Co
Chocolate Mania

Children’s Apparel
Kids Mart

Discount Stores
Dollar Tree

Doctors/ Optometrists
Texas State Optical Marrero Office
Vision Plaza Marrero

Food Court
Chick-Fil-A Inc
Mcdonalds Corp

Gold Valley
The Golden Chain Gang
Gordons Jewelers
Jewelry Kingdom
Kay Jewelers
Piercing Pagoda
Zales Jewelers

Men’s Apparel
Fashion Man Inc
J Riggings Co Men’s Clothing
Mitchell’s Formal Wear

Music and Entertainment
Camelot Music
The Carousel Co
Radio Shack
Sound Shop
Spencer Gifts
United Artists Theatres Belle Promenade Cinema 10

Piccadilly Cafeteria

Security/ Government Offices
Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office

Bakers Shoe Store
Champs Sports
Donnauds Western & Work Boots Inc
Footaction USA
Foot Locker
Jarman Shoe Store
Lady Foot Locker
Payless Shoesource
The Wild Pair

Specialty retail stores
Beepers Plus
Deck The Walls
General Nutrition Center
Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby Shop
Things Remembered
Wicks N Sticks

Women’s Apparel
Five-Seven-Nine Shop
Jean Nicole Plus
Jeans West
Lane Bryant
Lerner Shop
The Limited

Friday, November 11, 2011

Northgate Mall October 2011 Lafayette Louisiana

I always enjoy discovering or re-discovering malls that have no current information online and bringing the malls to you on this blog. Northgate Mall in Lafayette Louisiana is alive and still open for business. Northgate has survived even with the development of a large big box center around two miles away from the mall. Northgate Mall is located south of I-10 off of exit 103A at the corner of NE Evangeline Throughway and Willow Street. Northgate Mall was the first major indoor mall built in Lafayette in the early 1970's. Northgate Mall coexisted with the Acadiana Mall for years until all large anchor stores closed and were replaced by non-traditional mall stores without mall access. This is my third visit to this mall and I was fortunate to have seen this mall in the mid 1990's when the mall was bustling with all of the anchors operating. I also visited the mall in 2007 and the mall was not much different than this visit in October 2011. I was actually surprised to see the mall operating since there is no information and their website was closed several years ago. I found this thread from 2009 with names of stores that gives a little insight into the past of the mall. There is also a funny facebook page with several hundred friends that is worth checking out. This mall is a nice change from the boring malls of the current generation and serves almost as a time capsule of a mall from the 1980's. All three of the main department store anchors closed; JCPenney, Montgomery Ward, and Service Merchandise were there at the mall for the best years. Now Home Depot, Albertsons, Stage, and Anna's Linens are the main draws to the mall. Transcom a call center took the former Service Merchandise anchor for their operations. The mall has survived by being at a great location and bringing in many different stores to keep people coming to the property. 
Check out the old school computer in the picture; I bet the child in the picture is a teenager by now.
I took shots of two different mall directories. Take a good look at the anchor stores for a nice surprise. Yes a 2011 mall directory still listing a department store that has been out of business for over a decade.

Surprisingly the tenant list is mostly up-to-date. Although Beeper Boutique, Aladdin's Castle, and Sam Goody are gone. Does anyone besides doctors use a beeper anymore; they were such a hassle. Try finding a payphone these days to make a call when your beeper goes off.
There are a variety of signs around the mall with different styles of mall logos.

These signs advertising Stage stores are all around the mall. Mall management must be really trying to make sure that Stage does not start locking their entrance to the mall up.
The main entrance to the mall next to Albertsons.
Albertsons is located on the former JCPenney site.
Stage looks out of place with the modernized entrance.
Stage and the back of the former Service Merchandise (just past Stage)

This former junior anchor is in bad shape. I can't tell what it used to be; maybe a grocery store. This junior anchor is located directly next to Anna's Linens in the mall taking up a significant amount of space in the nearly empty mall corridor.
This view shows how popular the mall is on a Saturday afternoon.
Service Merchandise is now Transcom a call center; and has a secured mall entrance.
The Home Depot is detached from the mall and is located mostly on the former Montgomery Wards site.
The ceilings have mirrored glass square designs in several spots throughout the mall.
Stage is the only true department store anchor left at the mall. The anchor choices of this mall helped to facilitate the demise of this mall as the retail destination of Lafayette. You can still get in and out through the mall, but it appears to be a matter of time that Stage will eventually lock up this entrance.
The former entrance to Service Merchandise has been completely changed.
The lights are on; maybe this former store is an extension of the Transcom anchor.
Eight stores including Stage are in this half of the mall.
Hi Style, Style America, and GNC are a cluster that has stayed together. On the right two closed food outlets and the Maison De Hallmark.
Gordons or Zales store?

This is the entance to the dilapidated junior anchor/ (grocer?) from one of the above photos.
Hibbett has this location in the mall and one a little over a mile away at the new development with Target and JCPenney. How long will this store last?
The old Foot Locker; someone took the hoop away that was in between the two numbers above the register stand.
The new Footlocker; well the 1990's version. I like the 1990's version of Foot Locker stores better than the boring vanilla stores of the 2000's. Check out the + designed skylights.

There is a small working fountain in the middle of the center court.
These four stores sell mostly men's clothing and they are all connected together inside of the stores to easily hop from one to another. This is the first mall that I have been to that has more men's clothing stores than women's clothing stores.
Three kiosks remain in the mall these two by the main entrance. There are 12 stores and 3 kiosks open in this half of the mall including Anna's Linens.
Store after store here is closed; the blue and red looks to have possibly been the Aladdins Castle.

The former entrance to Montgomery Wards; which has been demolished.
More mirrored glass designs.
The former entrance to JCPenney was walled off when the store closed. Albertsons is on the other side of this wall.

Footaction USA sports an updated look, but the inventory of the store was very low compared to the store space.
Another former junior anchor possibly at one time a Woolworths.
Walking towards the Stage store.
Maison de Hallmark is actually a jewelry store not a Hallmark card store.
Wood panel storefronts should have never gone out of style.
Saturday afternoon at Northgate; once a great mall. What will it take to bring this mall back?
The Service Merchandise/ Stage court. There is a small food outlet that was closed today, but probably only  opens for the Transcom crowd.
Anna's Linens looks to have once been a K and B Drugstore.