Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Post Oak Mall College Station Texas August 2021 Update

Here is a long-overdue update to the Post Oak Mall. Post Oak Mall was renovated 9 years ago, the last full post I did on the mall was over ten years ago. See which look you prefer. For me the old look was obviously better, the new renovation has not aged well at all. Photos taken in August 2021.

The former Bealls/Gordman's anchor which closed in 2020.

Macy's which closed in March 2021.

The view of the mall with the former Sears to the far right.

The former Sears anchor which closed on November 25, 2018.  

Chuck E Cheese is at the left mall entrance.

About half of the former Sears has been taken over by Conn's Home Plus. The Conns opened in early 2021. It so strange to see the anchor halved with the old Sears and new Conn's.

Conn's with the Dillard's Womens store.

The mall map. This is a pretty sizable mall at nearly 800,000 square feet. Sadly 2 and a half anchors are empty. This directory had not been updated for a while. Sears is now Conn's Home Plus, Bealls is vacant, and Macy's is vacant as well. This directory is in the main mall corridor, we found a newer directory in a less travelled part of the mall.

The view of the mall from the Dillard's Womens store. As you can see, the mall looks very bland in comparison to the neon era.

Conn's mall entrance. A mall anchor with TV's is a rare sight in 2021.

Here is how the same anchor entrance looked in the neon era.

Headed back to the main mall corridor.

The hallway between Dillard's Womens Store and the former Macy's has the most chain stores.

A couple of examples of mall signage.

The food court looks nice. The light fixtures here break up the monotony of the rest of the mall. The food court is spacious but does not have a lot of food court tenants. 

The former Beall's/Gordmans anchor space.

The JCPenney end of the mall.

And in 2011, the neon reflected off of the mirrored glass entrance.

A look from the entrance of JCPenney to the center court of the mall.

The same hallway in 2011.

The JCPenney corridor has always had quirky stores. Here are a couple of examples.

Heading back towards the food court of the mall.

The Dillard's Mens store which was originally a Wilsons/Service Merchandise.

The food court is located in the center of the mall. You can bypass the center court (Macy's corridor) through the food court. There are two hallways leading to the food court.

The Macy's leaving hasn't hurt this part of the mall. Forever 21 and H&M have kept the traffic going despite the loss of the anchor in this corner of the mall.

The empty Foley's/Macy's corridor.

Macy's has pretty much left all of the smaller cities in Texas including College Station. This store never had any major updates since opening. College Station is and has been an up and coming city so it did not make sense for Macy's to let this store fall apart and eventually close. 

These comfy chairs in front of the old Macy's were really awesome.

The center point of the mall. If you look to the left, you can see JCPenney, to the right and you see the Dillard's Womens Store.

One more food court photo.

The same food court skylight in the 2011 neon era.

Heading back to the main mall corridor.

A few more photos of the mall as we head out.

I found you a t-shirt Anonymous in Houston, lol.

Casa Ole, these restaurants are becoming a rare sight these days, especially inside of malls.

This is a newer directory, but not updated to show the anchor vacancies. This directory is located in what seems to be a less travelled part of the mall across from the Casa Ole.

Shoe Department Encore which was also an Old Navy and Steve and Barrys.

One last look at the mall at the Dillard's Women store.

The 2011 version of the Dillard's entrance was so much better.

The retro customer service counter inside of Dillard's.

The Highway 6 roadsign.

One last look at the mall as we leave the property.

Let me know what you think about the changes at the mall in the comment section below. More to come!