Monday, April 6, 2020

The Esplanade Mall Kenner Louisiana March 2019 update

Here is an update from about a year ago at the Esplanade Mall. Macy's closed in March 2017 about 2 years prior to our visit to the mall. We later found out that they had just finished recording scenes for the Jay and Silent Bob reboot movie earlier that week. The comic book store in the movie was somewhere in the mall, but I don't have any photos of the store that I know of. It very well could have been a store front in the closed off section of the mall. The Esplande Mall is struggling, and there are many more vacancies than our last visit. This is a Kohan Mall, and as many of us know, their properties struggle. The City of Kenner leadership is trying to bring businesses and their city hall to the mall.

Currently the anchors are Target (1 level), Dillard's clearance center (downsized to 1 level), and 365 by Image (2 levels). The mall also has 2 empty anchor pad spots that were never built onto the mall. The corridors to the empty anchor spots have an entrance on the first floor, and a dead end corridor on the second. Crime has also been an issue at the mall in recent news articles. Theft, break-ins, and robberies have all happened at the mall in the past few years.

As you can see Macy's removed the newer signage they placed on the building after they reopened in 2008. The original Macy's logo is still in place. This building may become the City Hall for Kenner. 
Target and one of the entrances to the mall.

The 365 by Image anchor.

The entrance to the mall that is near the new cinema.
Here is the new Grand cinema that was built across the mall. The cinema was added on about 5 years ago. There is another long closed General Cinema a few hundred feet across the parking lot that is waiting to be redeveloped. 

Dillard's clearance center. Formerly DH Holmes. As you can see the store has more detail than most newer Dillard's stores, but it is not as fancy as the former DH Holmes/Dillard's in Houma Louisiana.

Here is the entrance we chose to enter. 
These second floor entrances are a fun way to walk up to the mall.
Inside of the mall at dusk, we see the wide view of the center section of the mall.
Here is the food court. There are only a handful of restaurants left. There is also a small unattended arcade, but the games were mostly broken or had defects in the TV screens. 

The way they covered up some of the empty store fronts is definitely unique.

The only remaining anchor that has both floors open, 365 by Image. This store is similar to Forever 21 from what I can tell, they sell Women's clothing and accessories. There is another 365 store at PlazAmericas Mall in Houston. This anchor was originally a Godchaux's that only lasted a short time. Dillard's took over the space and opened a Men's store that closed in 2011.
Looking towards the Macy's corridor.
The escalator near the former Macy's was out of service. It is a long walk back to the center court of the mall to the nearest working escalator.
The second floor mall entrance to the former Macy's is covered up with this interactive selfie painting.
Footaction remains open at this dead end of the mall. It was remodeled not too long ago.
Looking from the former Macy's to the rest of the mall.
Lens Crafters and a Penguin Ice skating/entertainment business. 
Here is another example of the vacant store fronts covered up with Louisiana style.

The dead end hallway to the former Mervyn's second level. Target is only one floor.

Looks like the GNC had just recently closed. Lots of fixtures were still inside of the store.
Going towards the Dillard's clearance center. The second floor in this corridor is mostly blocked off to the public now. 
The mirrored mall entrances, are unique to this location. I don't think any other Dillard's store has this kind of entrance.

Looking into the center of the mall from near the Dillard's corridor/Cafe du Monde.

Charlotte Russe stores all closed, but a handful have reopened. This one has not reopened.
We are walking back towards Macy's but on the first level this time. 

The former Old Navy. This space may be used for The City of Kenner indoor sporting events. 
Looking into the mall from the first floor former Macy's entrance.
As you can see from the directory, the second floor (left side) is nearly anchorless.
The first floor former Macy's entrance. They did a good job with this area. There are multiple charger/USB plugs and a wifi hotspot with ample seating. 
Kids for less is a very strange name for a store.
Here is the Shoe Department store that was used for a scene in the 21 Jumpstreet movie.
Back to the center of the mall we go.

Here we are again in the center area of the mall by Target.
This is a very simplistic entrance to Target. 
Here is more of the center area of the mall.

Cafe du Monde is still going, but closes earlier than the normal mall hours. 

Here is the closed off Dillard's second level corridor. They have some comfy seating with phone chargers as well at the end. 
Looking from the sealed off Dillard's corridor into the center of the mall.

Former Electronics Boutique turned into a video game store called Spawn Point gaming. The interior of the store is nearly identical to the former video game store.