Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sears Clearview Mall Metairie La.

Here is the last remaining Sears department store in the New Orleans area. Sadly this store will close in the Spring of 2019. This is a massive Sears store at 180,000 square feet, that had been a part of Clearview Mall since the mall opened in 1969. There are many similarities to the former Oakwood location that closed in 2017. The final Kmart in Louisiana which is down the street from this Sears will also close at around the same time as this store. Only 1 Sears department store in Baton Rouge at the Mall of Louisiana will remain in the state of Louisiana after these closings. Photos from August 2018.

Here is the mall entrance.

Men's clothing is right at the mall entrance, not many department stores feature Men's clothing right at the only mall entrance.

Gotta love the detail around the escalators.

They still had a decent electronics department.

As you can see, the electronics used to be a much larger department.

For late 2018, this was a decent sized Sears electronics department. The Samsung tablet display still worked.

Even the 2nd floor has awesome detail above the escalators.

A sea of mattresses. This store is huge, with a lot of space to fill. 

Typical Sears checkout counter.

Another view of the escalator with the electronics straight ahead.

The second floor seemed to have a lot of hidden space. Not many shoppers were walking this far into the store. Too bad for them, there were a lot of deals to be found. 

Here you can see the vintage looking wood trim just under the ceiling that lines the back of the store. 

One thing about this location, the floors were in really good shape. A lot of Sears stores have broken tiles and cracked floors, but I did not see any here.

Random furniture tucked in the back corner.

The second floor had a mismatch of clothes, and everything else but tools and jewelry.

The very back of the store, was eerily quiet.

The Children's clothes stretched almost to the back corner of the second floor as you can see here.

A peek into the former portrait studio.

Children's clothing was also on the second floor.

Restrooms and employee offices on the second floor.

One thing about the second floor on my visit. Employees were only around the appliances and mattresses. Hard to sell those items in the far back area of the store if nobody is there to help you out. And seriously, it is a far walk to the back area of the store where the pillows and bedding sets are located.

The appliance department.

Back to the first floor, more escalator detail.

Now we enter the tool department. Huge Nomex suits, not sure if I have seen these at other locations.

Summer outdoor items were packed into this area as well.

This is a nice program for students, I wonder how many people took advantage of deals like these?

Lots of activity in this part of the store. This is one of the larger tool/outdoor departments that I have been to in years.

The lawn and outdoor department stretches out to the far right.

Looks like these were emergency exit doors.

This section of the store stretches out further than the tool side does. This store has all kinds of hidden/extended spots.

Doors to the former garden center.

More outdoor furniture.

Sporting goods are also mixed in with the tools and outdoor furniture. 

Women's clothing and shoes.

Now for the outside of the store.

I found this seemingly abandoned van in the far parking lot of the store. This van perfectly sums up how Sears is doing these days. 

Back of the store with the former garden center fenced off.

There was also a detached Auto center at this store that closed not too long after my visit. Sadly I did not get any photos of the building.

More blog posts coming soon.